Student Focus

FEATURING: MS in Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE) recent graduate Salma Bashar

Salma Bashar is a recent graduate from the Master of Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE) here at UW Bothell. Having earned her Master’s degree in March, Salma says, “UWB offers the best Master’s program in CSSE in Seattle.” Salma came to UW Bothell after completing an undergraduate degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Bangladesh. Prior to beginning the CSSE graduate program, she earned the Graduate Certificate in Computer Science and Software Engineering from UW Bothell. Through her work in CSSE, she has been able to focus on a breadth of topics including Database, Algorithms, and Networking.

In order to graduate, Salma recently had to defend her Master’s Capstone project. The title of the project is Tribal Education Network (TEN): Design and Development of a Semantic Web Based E-Learning System. This project is focused on developing an e-learning system that would enhance the learning experience of the Native American students by relating course curriculum with tribe culture. The project involves creating a cloud-based Course Builder that uses semantic web technology to enrich cultural content from tribes with annotations and links the cultural content to academic courses based on context rather than syntactic relation. Salma’s role in the project was to design and develop this Course Builder.

She spent two quarters focusing on this project alongside other students and her supervisory committee members. After explaining the process of weekly meetings, planning, and receiving feedback, she says, “finally we had to pass our defense and submit our technical report to [the] STEM graduate office and the committee members. The defense consisted of a 35-40 minute presentation, a question/answer session in the presence of [the] general public, a closed door question/answer session with the committee members, and finally the result of the defense”. 

Salma says she prepared for the defense by trying to figure out answers to possible questions the public and committee would ask, in addition to practicing the presentation a few times. The defense went really well, especially with all of her preparation. Here is some advice Salma has for those who will have to defend their Masters Capstone project, “In addition to meeting with the chair, it’s very helpful to also get feedback from the other committee members on a regular basis. Report writing and presentation is an iterative process with your chair and committee members, the earlier you start working, the better.” She also suggests using the Writing and Communication Center to get feedback on your report writing.

Thanks for the great advice Salma, and Congratulations!

(by Meshell Sturgis, IAS Graduate Staff Assistant)