image of teacher and children around computerPROGRAM: School of Educational Studies - Graduate Certificate in Digital Teaching and Learning

The School of Educational Studies will graduate its first student with their Graduate Certificate in Digital Teaching and Learning in Spring 2017.  The first cohort of students began taking classes as part of the new UWB Graduate Certificate in Digital Teaching and Learning certificate program in Autumn 2016.

The 15 credit Graduate Certificate in Digital Teaching and Learning, allows educators to deepen their skills and critical knowledge of teaching and learning within networked, participatory digital culture.  Educators learn digital pedagogical strategies that support deep learning and enable new modes of support for diverse learners.  Students examine "literacy" in a time of global digital communication, collaboration, and creation.  Students also explore ways in which new digital media enable us to learn via connection, creation, and collaboration.    Looking beyond the classroom, educators will also learn to prepare students for full participation in civic and cultural life that is increasingly mediated via participatory digital platforms.

Dr. Jane Van Galen is leading this new certificate.  "When student teachers in the new digital teaching certificate program complete the program, they will be set to lead their students in this increasingly digital culture. They also will have the expertise to lead workshops and share the ideas with other teachers in their districts", says Dr. Jane Van Galen.

The Certificate can be taken as a “stand alone” program for those who are not seeking a full graduate degree, or via a combination of M.Ed. electives plus 9 additional credits beyond the M.Ed.  Teachers and other educators interested in learning more about Digital Teaching and Learning can take courses in the Certificate as part of an Individualized Program of Study in the M.Ed. or as electives in any program.