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Working and Interning Abroad

In April 2013, Global Initiatives, in partnership with the Career Center, hosted an information session for students and recent graduates about working abroad.

Intern abroad with IE3 Global Internships

IE3 internships are geared toward students who would like to integrate academic credit with on-the-job experience and gain professional and cultural skills abroad.  Internships are available in a variety of non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, and private organizations around the world.  Host organizations provide supervision and logistical support for students in the host country.  Many internships require foreign language proficiency, though numerous English language internships are available.

For more information on IE3 internships, visit the program website, or schedule an appointment to meet with a study abroad advisor.

Wondering how you can market your international experience?

Check out our guide on marketing international experiences on a resume, in a cover letter, and during an interview.

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Natalia Dyba, Director of Global Initiatives

Nykole Mitchell, Hanan Osman, Student Advisor