“The World through the Senses”

International Photo Contest Winners 2013

The Winners!
“The World through the Senses”
Photo Contest at UW Bothell

Sponsored by Tsuga Fine Art and Framing, ISS, and Global Initiatives

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s International Education Week photo contest! Also, a big thank you to all of you who submitted your amazing photos. All submitted photos are displayed right now in the first floor lobby of UW1 for the entire week of International Education Week, November 11-15! Please join us on Thursday, November 14th  at 3pm in UW1-103 to congratulate the winners as we present them with a framed print of their photo.

“Curiosity” (Margarita Naumchik, Staff)
Every day is an adventure that brings a new experience into our life, which in turn changes our behavior and expectations for the future.  My niece is a very curious baby who likes to touch everything she sees including animals and birds. This was her first encounter with a parrot during our vacation in Mexico.

“Community Brunch” (Jonathan Cho, Student)
UWB and ELC students visited a community based tourism in Ayutthaya, Thailand that helps develop tourism projects. The woman is creating a cultural dessert called Tang Yuan (Rice balls with red bean, sesame, peanut filling, and coconut shavings).
Ayutthaya, Thailand.

“Illuminated Chaos” (Navarre Kerr, Student)
Illuminated Chaos encapsulates the visual and auditory overload that is created from fireworks displays. It freezes the hectic stimuli and motion into a beautiful stillness, lapsed in a single moment in time in which the darkness has become illuminated.

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