General Faculty Organization

Executive Council Meeting: 10/30/2009

Executive Council Meeting
October 30, 2009, 12:00 pm, UW2 327

Present:  Bruce Kochis, EC Chair, Diane Gillespie, Chuck Jackels, Pam Joseph, Selina Mohammed, Pete Nye, Marc Servetnick and Kelvin Sung

Absent: Dan Jaffe

Guests: Anthony Kelley, Andrea Kovalesky and Susan Vinson 

Adoption of Agenda 

            The agenda was adopted. 

Bruce Kochis, EC Chair opened the meeting welcoming the new EC member, Selina Mohammed from the Nursing Program.  Introductions were made around the table: Bruce Kochis, IAS; Marc Servetnick, S&T; Selina Mohammed, Nursing; Diane Gillespie, IAS; Chuck Jackels, GFO Chair and ex officio member of the EC; Pete Nye, Business; Pam Joseph, Education and Barbara Van Sant, Program Coordinator for the GFO.

Review of EC Minutes of October 9, 2009

            The EC minutes of October 9, 2009 were approved. 7 - 0 - 1 (abstain).

Report of GFO Officers 

A.      GFO Chair - Chuck Jackels
Jackels updated the EC on the election for a S&T representative to serve on the CCPTFA.  The first round of the election process has been completed.  A date for the first GFO meeting has not been decided, it should be scheduled the first week of December. The Senate Executive Committee met with President Emmert and Vice Provost Wise to discuss the budget and sustainability issues of the institution with the current reduction in state support.  The President stated that a new model is needed to sustain the university in the future.  He has appointed a task force, 2Y2D(2-years, 2-decades) Task Force to study this issue.  The Senate Committee on Planning and Budgeting (SCPB) will play a central role in the process and look at retention pay, merit recommendations and RCEP procedures. The senate will also be involved in an initiative called ABB, Activity Based Budgeting as one business plan to consider.  The UW now has a united group of faculty, administrative representatives and staff that meet with the state legislature on regular basis.  Faculty from WSU visited the SEC and discussions on budget cutting processes were held.  Jackels also stated that a Class C legislative action was approved by the Senate, this action calls for notification of cultural and religious holidays on the academic calendar for students, faculty and staff.  Jackels supported this action.  Current UWB Senators are: Cherry Banks, Frank Cioch, Dan Jaffe and Kevin Laverty, terms ending 2010; Charles Jackels, Gowri Shankar and Alan Wood, terms ending 2011. 

B.      GFO Vice Chair - Bruce Kochis
Kochis announced that he volunteered to serve on the Strategic Initiative Director Search as the representative for the EC.  He recently met with UW representatives in Washington DC, Christy Gullion and Jonathan Nurse.  These UW reps work in Washington to shepherd faculty grant proposals through the legislature and coordinate activities when UW faculty apply for federal funding, they also assist with competitive proposals. 

Kochis is also focusing on getting a permanent EC schedule, Tuesdays, 8:45 - 10:45 am.  He asks that the EC reps notify him of their availability to meet at this time Winter and Spring 2010.  If not this academic year, he would like to finalize this schedule by Autumn 2010.  

Kochis submitted EC Procedures and Protocols to the EC for discussion and approval.

EC discussion

The EC will revisit the Procedures and Protocols at the next EC meeting.

Reports from Program Representatives

A.         Pete Nye - Business
The Eastside Leadership Center in Bellevue opened with 3 classrooms (50 student capacity each).  The facilities at this time are not fully utilized and available for classes or events.  The Leadership MBA's new cohort of 34 students began autumn quarter 2009, the program is expecting an enrollment of 80 MBA Leadership students (2 cohorts) and 40 undergraduates next autumn quarter at the Bellevue location.  The MBA program is state funded, the undergraduate program will be self-sustaining.  Another important event held this year was a dinner reception for the Indian Ambassador to the United States; this dinner was hosted by UWB and the City of Bellevue.  Chancellor Chan spoke and the event represents a successful collaborative effort with local and global communities.  The Business Program will present a proposal to admit freshmen directly to the Business Program beginning next year.

B.         Kelvin Sung - Computing and Software Systems
CSS has 1 faculty search in progress.  The Master of Science in Computing and Software Systems is doing well with 28 students; this is a self-sustaining degree program.  CSS is 110% enrolled this year.  Some CSS faculty lines have transferred to the S&T program and there is an ongoing discussion on the issue of CSS and S&T merging.

C.         Pam Joseph - Education
The Education Program is growing and enjoying the new leadership of Dr. Brad Portin.  Preparation for the Graduate School Review is under way.  The M.Ed. Secondary Certification program has grown from a pilot cohort of 10 graduates to a full cohort of 35.  There are two job searches for secondary social studies and elementary mathematics.  The Educational Leadership M.Ed. will begin spring quarter 2010, this program works in partnership with school districts; graduates will receive principal certification for leading Pre-K-12 schools.

D.         Diane Gillespie - Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
IAS has 2 searches underway, 1 for Media Studies and 1 for Geographic Visualization.

E.         Selina Mohammed - Nursing
Nursing has 2 tenure line searches going, one to support the Masters cohort and one to support a new degree program.  Nursing faculty are still deciding if a Public Health degree or a Health Leadership degree will be more beneficial to the program.  Talks are underway with Providence Hospital in Everett to start a cohort there, beginning summer quarter 2010.

F.         Marc Servetnick - Science & Technology
S&T is established with an office and an administrator.  The program is conducting 4 faculty searches for Electrical Engineering, Interactive Media, Biology and Climate Science and Policy.  There is also a search being conducted for an advisor.

Reports of Standing Councils/Committees

A.         College Council on Promotion, Tenure, and Faculty Affairs (CCPTFA)
Sung reported that the CCPTFA will hold their first meeting next Tuesday, November 3.

B.         Faculty Council on Tri-Campus Policy (FCTCP)
Kochis reported on the FCTCP, the Faculty Senate is possibly reorganizing, streamlining the Senate, resulting in fewer UW/UWB/UWT senators.  The EC would oversee the election for UW B Senators spring quarter 2010.

C.         Instruction and Research Support Committee
The IRSC will schedule a meeting for autumn quarter by the end of November.  The IRSC is a committee of the EC and is looking at restructuring their membership due to changes over the last few years in academic support services.   The IRSC will review ex officio positions on the committee.

Old Business

A.         Timeline and final procedures for CUSP Review (Kochis)

The EC reviewed the CUSP Report Review Procedures and Timeline that Kochis submitted; he will revise the timeline pushing it out one month.  Dan will write a one-pager on models to structure the lower division at UWB.  Kochis asks that EC reps discuss the review and timeline with their programs and send him feedback/input. 

B.         Preliminary update and briefing on English Proficiency requirement (Nye)

Nye reported on the English Proficiency requirement at UWB, last spring quarter the EC passed a motion which changed the English proficiency requirement for admission to UWB.  The new options for proving English proficiency would give students more ways to satisfy the requirements.  They could complete UW Seattle's English Language Program, complete 2 composition courses with a passing grade of 3.0 from a community college or complete a minimum of four years of high school English with grades of 3.0.  UWB programs are authorized to set different requirements for their programs.  Jill Orcutt will present a report tracking the results of this new policy.

C.     Report on Academic Transition Program (Andrea Kovalesky)

Kovalesky opened discussion on the Academic Transition Program (ATP).  She introduced Anthony Kelley and Susan Vinson to the EC, Anthony is a UWB Admissions Advisor and Susan is the Student Success Coordinator in the CUSP Program.  The ATP program was approved as a pilot program for one year (2009-10). CUSP is seeking approval from the EC to continue this program beyond this year.  The current program is over-enrolled which has breached the approval conditions that the EC laid out and caused concern over the adequacy of resources and funding for the program.  Objectives for the future will rectify this issue and set clearer goals for student selection.  Ongoing support and mentorship of students has been the focus of the program.  The EC will consider the sustainability of the program and make a decision based on data received.  One other issue that needed to be addressed is the CUSP 131 course approval.  This course is required to go through the curriculum approval process and must be submitted to the GFO Campus Council on Academic Standards and Curriculum for review. 

New Business

A.      Charge to IRSC (discussion)

The IRSC is an EC committee and receives its charge from the EC.  The EC identified the following issues for the 2009-10 academic year for the IRSC:

-     Courses/year

-     FTE

-     Distribution across 100-graduate levels

-     Institution building/service workload

B.      Workload for lecturers (discussion)

Issues on workload for lectures include promotion and tenure, fairness and equity across programs.

C.      On Centers and Schools (discussion)

Discussion moved to a future EC meeting.

Good of the order

No announcements.

Meeting adjourned at 2:00pm
Minutes submitted by Barbara Van Sant
Next meeting will be November 6, 2009