General Faculty Organization

Instructional and Research Support Committee Meeting: 05/21/2009

Instructional and Research Support Committee Meeting
May 21, 2009

Present: Jim Miller, Chair, Kelvin Sung, Co-chair, Peter Littig, Tony Smith
Ex Officio: Carolyn Brennan and Andreas Brockhaus
Guest: David Goldstein

Adoption of Agenda - agenda adopted.

Review of IRSC minutes of April 17, 2009
The IRSC minutes of April 17, 2009 were approved.

TLC Fellows Proposal - David Goldstein

            David submitted a Proposal for Teaching and Learning Fellows Program to the IRSC.  The TLC is considering a fellows program to build a system of expertise among faculty and encourage participation in teaching and learning workshops.  Each fellow will present a campus-wide workshop, individually or in groups and be available for further consultations with faculty or academic staff members after the workshop.  TLC Fellows will be chosen annually, in Spring Quarter for the following academic year by the IRSC in its advisory role to the TLC. 

Community-based Learning - David Goldstein

            David opened discussion on Community-based Learning, he is in the process of assessing interest campus-wide.  IAS, Education and Nursing are currently involved in community-based learning.  Jim stated that The Business Development Center is engaged in community partnerships and Kelvin added that CSS  runs colloquiums, partnering with local industries.  IAS has a partnership coordinator working within the region.  Next year, UWB will host a community partnership fair.

ORS Reorganization

            Carolyn updated the IRSC on the ORS efforts enhancing research support at UWB.  There has been considerable growth in research $ at UWB.  The ORS is supporting research in a number of ways on campus:

Phase I: Highlight research

Phase II: Plant more seeds

Next Steps

Phase III: Design for speed

The Office of Research Support has gained 17 new grant writers. 

Web Committee - Jim Miller

Jim announced that a web committee is working with the IT department to highlight faculty research on the UWB homepage.  The committee is looking for faculty to participate.

Faculty Satisfaction Survey Results - Jim Miller
            Jim Miller, co-Chair of the IRSC is drafting a chart of research support across programs at UWB.  The IRSC annual report will be ready by the end of Spring Quarter.   The survey, authorized by the EC was conducted but received limited response. The IRSC would like to re-run the survey to see if they could build wider participation which would provide more statistical validity.

Meeting adjourned at 3:00 pm
Minutes submitted by Barbara Van Sant
This is the last IRSC meeting on the year.