General Faculty Organization

Instructional and Research Support Committee Meeting: 04/17/2009

Instructional and Research Support Committee Meeting
April 17, 2009

Present: Jim Miller, Chair, Kelvin Sung, Co-chair, Peter Littig, Tony Smith

Ex Officio:
Carolyn Brennan and Andreas Brockhaus

Adoption of Agenda - agenda adopted.

Review of IRSC minutes of February 19, 2009
The IRSC minutes of February 19, 2009 were approved.

Faculty Satisfaction Survey
              Jim presented the Faculty Satisfaction Survey to the IRSC for comment and feedback. 

IRSC discussion

                The IRSC agreed with the recommendation, Jim will re-draft the survey and forward to Chuck Jackels, Chair of the Executive Council.

Update on Program Policies and Procedures that Facilitate Research - Jim Miller
                  Jim will incorporate data from the Faculty Satisfaction Survey into the report on Program Policies and Procedures that Facilitate Research. 

Academic Integrity Policy - Jim Miller
                  Jim reported on the Academic Integrity Policy, the results of a poll taken from UWB programs indicated that institutional support is needed on this issue.  Programs provided resources only at the program level in varying degrees, this can be a disincentive for some faculty to pursue cases of plagiarism without institutional support.  Although a policy is in place which states that a representative from the VCAA's office is available, there is no contact information provided.  The representative works with faculty only after an appeal is submitted.  Some faculty would like to be able to access a resource before a counseling session or before the appeal process.  Carolyn will check with the VCAA and report back to the IRSC on who the representative is and how they may be contacted.

                  Carolyn updated the IRSC on progress to the UWB webpage, the IRSC made recommendations last year for UWB Public Relations and Communication to disseminate information about faculty research and accomplishments.  Carolyn is working with Deborah Illman to develop a research webpage and a research symposium to be held in October 2009.  Two panels with three assistant professors on each will hold guided discussion on related research projects.
Meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm. 
Minutes submitted by Barbara Van Sant