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Instructional and Research Support Committee Meeting: 01/29/2009

Instructional and Research Support Committee Meeting
January 29, 2009

Present: Jim Miller, Chair, Kelvin Sung, Co-chair, Peter Littig and Tony Smith

Ex Officio: Carolyn Brennan, Andreas Brockhaus

Guest: David Goldstein

Adoption of Agenda - agenda adopted.

Review of IRSC minutes of November 13, 2008

            The IRSC minutes of November 13, 2008 were approved as amended.

Undergraduate Collaborative Research Program grants - David Goldstein

David updated the IRSC on the Undergraduate Collaborative Research Program grants and gave a brief overview of the program.  The TLC receives $10,000 a year for funding Collaborative Undergraduate Research Grants, five grants are awarded to faculty for a maximum of $2000 to be used for a variety of research expenses.  These grants are resources for faculty and student collaboration in areas of faculty research.  Previously a TLC Advisory Board reviewed these grants, last year the IRSC recommended that the committee take over the responsibility for the review of these grants.  David has received one grant application from Professor Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren, which he submitted to the committee for review. 

IRSC motion

Kelvin moved to pass the motion:

The IRSC will form a subcommittee with David Goldstein, Carolyn Brennan and a standing member of the IRSC serving on the subcommittee.  

The motion was seconded, and discussion followed.

Jim called the question on the original motion.  Hearing no objection, he called for a vote on it.  By show of hands, the motion carried unanimously.

IRSC recommendation:

            The TLC will present a report each year on grant recipients and the projects that were funded.  This will promote the intellectual capital on campus and leverage what recipients of grants have learned through their research projects.

            TLC grant recipients are listed on the TLC webpage.  David also spoke to the IRSC about TLC travel grants, these grants have not been reviewed by the IRSC in the past, the director of the TLC approved travel grants for faculty and students.  Jim will confirm the role of the IRSC in review of travel grants.

Program Policies and Procedures that Facilitate Research - Jim Miller

            Jim distributed a draft document of a Comparison of Program Policies and Procedures that Facilitate Research.  This report begins the process of assessing research support across programs at UWB.  Jim will compile the information from IRSC representatives on each program's current support for research.  This comparison chart will help focus on determining the highest priorities among the faculty and programs to support research at UWB. 

IRSC Goals for Winter and Spring Quarters - Jim Miller

            Jim asked the committee for input on setting goals for the IRSC.  One issue that is carried over from last year is the assessment of the TLC and the QSC.  What role should the IRSC play in this?  Sarah Leadley is in the process of developing a survey to send to UWB faculty to gather data on what faculty want from the TLC.  The data will be transmitted to VCAA Jeffords.  A similar survey could be conducted on the QSC.  The QSC will support the new S & T program, so this information is critical at this time. 

Undergraduate Collaborative Research Program grants - Carolyn Brennan

            Carolyn opened further discussion on Undergraduate Collaborative Research Program grants that David talked about with the committee.  The grants give faculty the opportunity to bring students into research projects, fostering a faculty/student relationship around research. 

IRSC discussion

This program is established as a cohort model with faculty and student collaborations in partnership on research projects and provides opportunities for students to have joint or sole authorship of publications or presentations.  This program could also expand into mentoring students through Summer Quarter and provide links to UW undergraduate research opportunities, such as the Mary Gates Research Scholarship programs. 

The meeting adjourned at 3:10 pm
Minutes submitted by Barbara Van Sant