General Faculty Organization

Instructional and Research Support Committee Meeting: 11/13/2008

Instructional and Research Support Committee Meeting
November 13, 2008

Present: Carolyn Brennan, Sarah Leadley, Peter Littig, James Miller, Tony Smith and Kelvin Sung

Absent: Selina Mohammed

Guest: David Goldstein

Dan Jaffe, Chair of the General Faculty Organization thanked the IRSC for their service to shared governance on campus and charged the committee.  He offered background information on the work of the IRSC within the GFO structure as an advising body to the Executive Council.  He provided some continuity with a review of the committee's recommendations from last year and gave input on the areas that he considered important.  In the area of instructional support, an assessment of the Teaching Learning Center and the Quantitative Skills Center would help evaluate student and faculty support on campus.  Research support has been an ongoing issue, how well does UWB support faculty research, through the Office of Research Support and in other ways?  Dan would like to improve outreach both internally and externally and strengthen our public relations so UWB's image as a strong research institution is publicized through faculty research and scholarship.  He announced that Kelvin Sung agreed to serve as co-chair to the committee and will report to the EC.  Dan also discussed the IRSC recommendations submitted to the EC last year:

The IRSC began the meeting with introductions around the table: Peter Littig, IAS; David Goldstein, TLC; Tony Smith, Education; Jim Miller, Business; Sarah Leadley, Acting Director UWB Library; Kelvin Sung, CSS; Carolyn Brennan, Office of Research Support and Barbara Van Sant, Program Coordinator for the GFO (IRSC).  Jim Miller will co-chair the IRSC with Kelvin Sung.

The committee opened discussion on research support at UWB.  Carolyn offered information on the Collaborative Undergraduate Research Program.  This program is a cohort model with faculty and student collaborations in partnership on research projects and provides opportunities for students to have joint or sole authorship of publications or presentations.  Grants of $1000 are awarded to faculty with $200 awards for each student, up to five.  This program could also expand into mentoring students through Summer Quarter and provide links to UW undergraduate research opportunities, such as the Mary Gates Research Scholarship programs. 

IRSC discussion

The committee further discussed the research climate at UWB and how to raise the profile of research on campus.  The Public Relations Office can articulate the research and scholarship of the faculty. 

IRSC discussion

IRSC representatives will gather input on the different approaches that programs are initiating to support faculty in their research - teaching assistants, course stacking and working on general budget and time constraints that limit faculty research opportunities.  Research roundtables on past award recipients would be useful, faculty could see what works and find out what is successful in other programs.  Carolyn will work on the idea of roundtables for information sharing on past awards and grant recipients.

The meeting adjourned at 12:30 pm
Minutes submitted by Barbara Van Sant
The next meeting will be scheduled Winter Quarter 2009.