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Instructional and Research Support Committee Meeting: 05/28/2008

Instructional and Research Support Committee Meeting
May 28, 2008

Present: Nancy Place, IRSC Chair; Carolyn Brennan, Nives Dolsak, Cynthia Fugate, Munehiro Fukuda, Selina Mohammed, Pete Nye and Becky Reed Rosenberg

Guests:  VCAA Susan Jeffords

Adoption of Agenda

            Agenda was approved as amended.

Approval of IRSC minutes of April 30, 2008.

IRSC minutes of April 30, 2008 were approved as amended.

Old Business

A. Funding for faculty speaker series - Carolyn

Carolyn reported on funding for the faculty speaker series, using the Worthington endowment funds was not an option for funding these events.   Carolyn will arrange some "Brown Bag" luncheons Autumn Quarter until funding for the faculty speaker series can be secured. 

IRSC discussion


B.     Research Support Recommendations - Carolyn and Pete

Nancy opened discussion on research support at UWB.  The committee reviewed a 2004 report completed by the IRSC, Pete and Nives provided feedback on the recommendations made at that time.  Nancy and Munehiro updated the information from the previous report, prioritizing items that still needed to be implemented.  Although faculty satisfaction is higher in some areas, the institution still needs to do more to build a strong research culture at UWB.  Carolyn talked about how growth at UWB will impact our infrastructure in support of research on campus and how the Office of Research Support will work in a central way to provide services to the programs.  The TLC is also working to provide ongoing support services.

IRSC discussion

Susan commented that she appreciated the discussion and offered some observations:

Nancy will bring these issues to the attention of the EC and clarify the role of the committee.  Some matters regarding tenure may fall under the purview of the Campus Council on Promotion, Tenure and Faculty Affairs.  This sets the groundwork for the committee's work next year.   Recommendations for next year:

IRSC recommendations:

  1. Come to agreement on what it means to be excellent in teaching/scholarship at UWB.  What kind of metrics do we provide to measure excellence in teaching?  What will be the evaluation process, how do we determine the effectiveness of the evaluation methods?
  2. How do we achieve balance with teaching, research and service at UWB?
  3. Infrastructure - what does the institution need to provide to support research at UWB (PIPs program, stacking courses,
  4. The IRSC must continue to move the conversation forward on how to strengthen, support a research culture at UWB.
  5. IRSC should continue as the advisory body for the TLC and the ORS.
  6. Identify areas, people, resources that are needed to support research (methods person, GIS person) and as shared resources.
  7. Faculty Speaker Series - Carolyn will start with Brown Bags.  Cynthia will speak with UWB Public Relations and Communications.
  8. UWB webpage - get faculty research link, banner.

New Business

    A.     Job Announcement for TLC Director - Cynthia

The IRSC reviewed the position description for the TLC director.  Cynthia asked the IRSC for input on the job announcement.  She talked about the TLC being more student focused that some teaching, learning centers.  Nancy commented that the EC was not aware of all the services offered by the TLC when she reported on the center.  Communicating this information would be helpful to faculty and in the job announcement.  The announcement will be sent out Autumn Quarter.  Other general information on the TLC came up during the discussion, communicating on activities that faculty attend with TLC funding would be a good start in publicizing faculty teaching and research:

The meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm
This is the last meeting of the academic year.
Minutes submitted by Barbara Van Sant