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Instructional and Research Support Committee Meeting: 04/30/2008

Instructional and Research Support Committee Meeting

April 30, 2008

Present: Nancy Place, IRSC Chair; Carolyn Brennan, Cynthia Fugate, Munehiro Fukuda, Pete Nye and Becky Reed Rosenberg

Absent:  Nives Dolsak and Selina Mohammed

Guests:  Andreas Brockhaus and Betsy Tippens

Adoption of Agenda

            Agenda was approved as amended.

Approval of IRSC minutes of April 9, 2008.

IRSC minutes of April 9, 2008 were approved as amended.

Old business

A.      TLC - further discussion

Nancy opened discussion on the TLC, acknowledging that she shared information with the EC on Becky's report and the services offered through the TLC to support faculty and students.  The EC raised the question of conducting a review of the TLC next year and would like feedback from the IRSC on setting criteria for the review. 

IRSC discussion


            The IRSC feels that a review of the TLC at this time is not recommended.  Once the implementation of STEM and the academic strategic plan is underway and the review of CUSP is completed an evaluation of faculty and student academic support should produce a more comprehensive assessment of what is needed.  The TLC plays a strong support role in pedagogy support, faculty development, institutional assessment, community-based service learning and funding grants and awards. The hiring announcement for the interim director will go out Autumn 2008, so Cynthia would welcome input from the committee before that time on the position (should it be a faculty or staff position?).  Cynthia will send the committee the current job description, any input from the IRSC can be sent directly to her.

B.   Rough draft update on 2004 research report - Nancy and Munehiro

            Nancy presented the draft update on the 2004 research report that she and Munehiro

worked on.  The updated report built on work already done by the IRSC and assessed the current status of the committee's recommendations. 

IRSC discussion


            Carolyn will draft a new 2-page report on research at UWB for IRSC review.  Pete and Nancy will finalize the report with recommendations to be presented to the EC.

C.   Faculty speaker seminar series funding - to be carried over to a later meeting.

New business

A.      Classroom management systems (Blackboard, E. Portfolio)

Betsy Tippens and Andreas Brockhaus met with the IRSC to give a report on classroom management systems in place at UWB and a brief overview of some new and expanded systems that could be brought to campus if funding is made available.  The current system, Blackboard has an enhanced version, Enterprise that would expand the capabilities of Blackboard.  Another platform, Angel is being used at community colleges in Washington State and could be a consideration for UWB.  These technology-based educational tools serve the needs of students and faculty for collaboration, communication, course management and more.  New platforms will integrate with other systems (e Portfolios, registration, plagiarism programs) to streamline many processes.  Nancy thanked Betsy and Andreas for presenting the information to the IRSC.  The committee will provide input to Information Systems as needed in consideration of these issues. 


            Munehiro asked the IRSC to send input to him regarding purchasing or budgeting for research.  Cynthia will send out information on TPAG to the IRSC.

            Pete posed a question to the committee on ex-officio members of the IRSC, he would like clarification on why ex-officio members do not have voting privlidges.  Nancy will look into it.

The meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm.  The next meeting is Wednesday, May 28, 2008.
Minutes submitted by Barbara Van Sant