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Instructional and Research Support Committee Meeting: 04/09/2008

Instructional and Research Support Committee Meeting
April 9, 2008

Present: Nancy Place, IRSC Chair; Carolyn Brennan, Nives Dolsak, Cynthia Fugate, Munehiro Fukuda and Becky Reed Rosenberg

Absent:  Selina Mohammed and Pete Nye

Announcement:  The GFO Executive Council approved the IRSC recommendation for a Faculty Speaker Series.


Adoption of Agenda

            Agenda was approved.

Approval of IRSC minutes of February 20, 2008.

IRSC minutes of February 20, 2008 were approved as amended.

Old Business

A.      Undergraduate research/ideas for faculty research support.

Nancy summarized some points covered on the 2004 IRSC report on undergraduate research presented at the last IRSC meeting from Nives and Pete.  She discussed some options that would generate ways for faculty to conduct research.  Some proposals include scheduling stacking quarters to create time devoted to research.  Faculty may not be aware that this is available.  She opened discussion on the next steps toward improving the research culture at UWB; communication is one important piece to begin the process.  The IRSC could update the information on the 2004 report and prioritize items that still need to be implemented, build on the work already completed. 

Action item:  Nancy and Munehiro will work on a report to update the IRSC on undergraduate research at UWB and draft a recommendation to the EC on this issue.

New Business

A.      TLC Issues

Becky distributed a report on the TLC activities and planning for the future.  The report gave the IRSC a comprehensive overview of all the different areas that the TLC was involved in, including CUSP portfolio and program assessment, Service-Learning activities, undergraduate research, faculty teaching support, educational technology and academic support for students.  Becky serves on FOCUS and worked on developing curriculum for the 1st year initiative. TLC does not have an advisory board at this time and Becky is looking to the IRSC for input and recommendations to help identify priorities for the TLC, Writing Center and the Quantitative Skills Center. 

Nancy presented the issues that the EC discussed on the TLC to the committee, most importantly, student support.  The EC addressed perceived scheduling issues for students with TLC tutors and the lack of support in specific areas - biology, chemistry and calculus.  The EC also addressed issues involving the best use of UWB resources in support of students, what criteria do we use to evaluate this? 

IRSC discussion

The IRSC will continue to work on assessing what criteria to use in evaluating the best use of our resources in support of students and bring feedback and recommendations to the EC.

B.      Recommendation for Faculty Seminar Series

Carolyn talked with the IRSC on ways to proceed with the Faculty Seminar Series.  These events will bring visibility to UW Bothell, both internally within the campus community and to the public.  Academic Affairs will fund these events, although a firmer budget estimate is needed.  The IRSC would like to see a $1000.00 honorarium going to the presenters each quarter.  Nomination calls for a Winter and Spring 2009 event could be sent out Autumn Quarter.  The committee needs to choose a name for the seminar series.  Once a name is chosen, we can advertise on the UW Bothell homepage.

Nancy reviewed the IRSC priorities set for 2007-08, the next meeting will look at Blackboard and

E Portfolio.  The priorities set for May: Measurement of teaching/research/service and Study/collect best/worst practices of other institutions will be carried over to Autumn 2008. 

The meeting adjourned at 5:00 pm.
The next meeting tba.
Minutes submitted by Barbara Van Sant