General Faculty Organization

Instructional and Research Support Committee Meeting: 02/20/2008

Instructional and Research Support Committee Meeting
February 20, 2008

Present: Nancy Place, IRSC Chair; Carolyn Brennan, Nives Dolsak, Cynthia Fugate, Munehiro Fukuda, Selina Mohammed, Pete Nye and Becky Reed Rosenberg

Adoption of Agenda
Agenda was approved.

Approval of IRSC minutes of November 19, 2007.

IRSC minutes of January 23, 2008 were approved as amended.

Old business

  1. Recommendation for faculty seminar series

Nancy opened the discussion on the IRSC recommendation for a faculty seminar series with an update on input that she received from some of the EC representatives.  She spoke with Gowri Shakar and Bill Erdly who approved the recommendation but had questions regarding cost and logistics, who will coordinate the events? 

IRSC discussion

Action item: Barb will contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations to gather budget information on the "Choice Words" event.


            The IRSC will make a recommendation to the GFO Executive Council to establish a Faculty Speaker Series showcasing faculty scholarly activities at UWB to the campus and broader community.  We recommend 3 widely advertised public events per year to make the intellectual capital of UWB more visible. The IRSC recommends that a campus wide call for nominations be held Spring Quarter to choose two speakers for Winter and Spring Quarter of the following academic year.  These events will follow the UWB Choice Words event Autumn Quarter.  Criteria for selection will be developed to help identify a speaker including:

  It is recommended that the Academic Affairs Office be responsible for the coordination and implementation of the Faculty Speaker Series event.

New business - Discussion of research issues

A.   Review report from Pete's committee - Where are we now?

Pete presented the IRSC Annual Report and Recommendations, 2003-2004, "Building a Research Culture at the University of Washington, Bothell".  Pete offered a historical context for the report - the IRSC wanted to address the need at UWB to support faculty research.  At the time of the report faculty needed to lobby for research support.  The report made recommendations in the following areas to address this need:

1)  Communicate and demonstrate a strong institutional commitment to research.

-  Seed money for pilot studies. 

-  Summer salary for research-active faculty.

-  Increased allocations for travel to research conferences. 

-  Research assistants.

2)  Increase faculty time devoted to research.

            - Create "research quarters".  An occasional dedicated research quarter (no teaching) would provide the concentrated time blocks needed to make large strides on research projects.  Many faculty expressed frustration with fitting research around a heavy teaching schedule.                   

Nives, Becky and Cynthia are current IRSC members that also collaborated on this report. The goal of the report was to recommend that dedicated faculty development funds be provided for long term research support.  Carolyn Brennan from the Office of Research Support spoke to the issue of transitioning faculty research to a more public presence at UWB.  Becky Rosenberg also discussed the work of the TLC's Teaching and Research Circles sharing data, providing important ideas on research and support in writing research papers.

IRSC discussion


            IRSC members will speak with their colleagues for input and feedback on what will generate the most research support for faculty.  GFO support is needed as well as program director's support. 

B.   Integrated collaborative grants - carry over to next meeting.

C.   Buy outs - carry over to next meeting.

D.      Worthington and other awards

Carolyn updated the IRSC on the Worthington awards, she has scheduled information sessions to inform the campus about the changes to the awards.  The Worthington Distinguished Faculty Scholarship Award is now called the Teaching, Scholarship Enhancement Projects (TSEP).  The Worthington Technology Award fund has been set aside in support of STEM efforts. The Rose Award is available to faculty, Carolyn can assist faculty in the application process.  Three initiatives for Centers will give individual faculty seed money to jumpstart research projects and support their work with an emphasis on seeking external funding to keep the Centers going.

The meeting adjourned at 12:00 pm.
The next meeting is tentatively set for March 11, 2008.
Minutes submitted by Barbara Van Sant