General Faculty Organization

General Faculty Organization: 04/05/2007

General Faculty Organization Meeting

April 5, 2007, 10:00 am, UW1 210

Present: Steve Collins, Mike Stiber, Constantin Behler, Tom Bellamy, Frank Cioch Paul Collins, Bill Erdly, Jane Decker, Laraine Hong, Mark Kochanski, Gray Kochhar-Lindgren, Sandeep Krishnamurthy Dan Jaffe, Kevin Laverty, Nancy Place and Kelvin Sung

Guest:  Chancellor Olswang

Welcome remarks - Steve Collins

            Steve opened the meeting and welcomed the faculty in attendance.  He briefly outlined the topics for discussion for the meeting and turned the meeting over to the Chancellor.

Remarks from the Chancellor (Steve Olswang)

            Chancellor Olswang updated the faculty on current legislative, enrollment and budget issues.  Both the House and the Senate have passed operating and capital budgets.  Steve is working with Craig Purkey and Nancy Corning on the projected funding to support continued growth and expansion, income, revenue and fixed costs.  He will meet with the GFO Executive Council to review the budget.

            Steve shared information on the next steps in the Chancellor search, Mary Baroni will review feedback to date and finalize recommendations to bring forward to the President and Provost tomorrow.  Steve encouraged the faculty to have a strong voice in this decision.  The future of UWB will be guided by this choice.  We have been making an impact in our region and community, we now have three times the outside development and support that we had a few years ago.  We must continue to show the community why UWB is the higher education choice for this region.  The issue of a university in Everett continues to pose a challenge for UWB, both in terms of legislative support and the budget.  At the current time, the legislature is not allocating as much funding as is necessary to support design of our next building and the off ramp project.  Steve sees this as a reaction to the Snohomish County proposals to fund the study for an independent university or a UW branch campus in Everett.  The UW administration supports the idea of a UW branch campus administered by UWB.  We must make a concerted effort to show the community the added value of the UWB campus.

Discussion points:

Report from the GFO Chair (Steve Collins)

Steve reported on 3 goals for the GFO that he has been working on the past year:

A new version of the bylaws has been drafted and approved by the Secretary of the Faculty.  It has been sent to the EC for review and if approved, will go before the full faculty for a vote later this Spring Quarter.  The proposed new structure of the GFO will consist of the Executive Council, a Campus Council on Promotion, Tenure, and Faculty Affairs and Campus Council on Academic Standards and Curriculum.  The current proposal calls for proportional representation of the programs in campus-wide elections.  The Campus Council on Promotion, Tenure, and Faculty Affairs will advise the VCAA on P&T and represent faculty voice on faculty affairs, including faculty salary and the mentoring of new professors.  It will have no fewer than 4 full professors.  The Campus Council on Academic Standards and Curriculum will review and approve new courses as well as reviewing and approving proposals for new programs, majors, minors, and other curricular initiatives.  The Campus Council on Academic Standards and Curriculum will look at the curriculum as a whole campus-wide.  Both of these councils are in alignment with UW faculty councils and will have more independent authority.  The Executive Council will focus on strategic planning and budgeting. 

Discussion Points:

  1. Work with the UW Senate on legislation revising the UW Handbook to clarify the definition of a UW "campus" and differentiate it from other academic units.

Steve updated the GFO on the status of the legislation.  He stated that the new version proposes significant changes to the organization of governance on our campus that will strengthen the faculty voice in shared governance while also making it more efficient and fully in compliance with the UW Handbook.  The legislation was approved by the Faculty Council on Tri-Campus Policy, Senate Executive Committee, and UW Senate in December-January.  The legislation then went to the Faculty Committee on Faculty Code and Regulation (code cops), which reviews all legislation passed by the Senate.  This committee did not approve the legislation and revised the language of the proposal.  The Senate Executive Committee will review the proposal at its April meeting.

Discussion Points:

  1. With the EC, begin a process of campus-level planning for new majors, minors, and concentrations in advance of the arrival of the new chancellor. 

Report from the EC (Mike Stiber)

Update on planning for new majors and discussion:

Mike began the discussion on the new planning parameters the GFO Executive Council will use in reviewing proposals for new majors, minors, and concentrations. This process has been developed to open campus-level discussions about the future strategic direction of the campus and foster transparency in the process. The EC has solicited and received proposals for new majors, minors, and academic initiatives from across the campus, created a running inventory of new proposals for majors, minors, etc and has made this information available to the campus community through the GFO Blackboard site and solicited feedback and comments.  The EC reviewed the ASTP report and adopted it as part of its analysis and decision making process with respect to ongoing academic strategic planning.

Discussion Points:

Mike and Steve thanked the faculty for their participation.

The meeting adjourned at 12:00 pm.

Minutes submitted by Barbara Van Sant