General Faculty Organization

Executive Council Meeting: 04/28/2003

April 28, 2003, 11:00 am, Room 211B

Present: Mary Abrums, Frank Cioch, Patricia Kelley, Sandeep Krishnamurthy, Carole Kubota, Barbara Van Sant and Linda Watts

Constituting EC and GFO Committees for next year

The EC decided that the GFO Committees should be formed during Spring Quarter, that way they will be in place for the beginning of the academic year in Autumn Quarter. The GFO Committees that will need representation are:

The State of GFO Committees

To assess the output of the various GFO committees, the chairs will be invited to a later EC meeting. These committees can also be constituted early so that they perform better. The EC reviewed the activities of the committees for this past year.

Faculty Affairs Committee has been charged with the issues of faculty salaries, research and faculty job satisfaction. They have not named a champion for the faculty retreat at this time. The faculty job satisfaction survey will be a valuable tool to help focus on topics for the retreat. The Honors and Ceremonies Committee has two prospective Commencement speakers and they will present their speeches at the May 1 GFO meeting. A discussion followed on the criteria for choosing Commencement speakers, and the EC will ask the Honors and Ceremonies Committee to review the criteria. The selection criteria can be restrictive, as campus and community service are required. Some UWB students are immigrants, or have family obligations that do not always allow them the time to build the service time required, even though their life experiences would be of value and interest toward their accomplishment in achieving higher education. The activities of the Curriculum and Academic Affairs committees were not clearly known.

The EC discussed assigning the GFO Committees an annual charge to focus the committee's work.

Discussion about DRAFT pre-proposal for Masters in Cultural Studies

Bruce Burgett has provided Sandeep with a DRAFT of a pre-proposal for the Masters of Arts in Cultural Studies. The actual pre-proposal will be ready only in Fall. Sandeep shared this draft with the EC to give them a heads-up. Several questions arose-

Some faculty members on the EC expressed concerns that their names were in the pre-proposal as interested faculty when they had simply responded to a general e-mail on the topic.

Because this document is in draft form, the EC is not required to vote on this pre-proposal or provide feedback. We will request a finalized pre-proposal with a cover letter. IAS has voted to approve the program; it is part of the department's 5 year plan. Pre-proposals that are approved by the EC are sent to the Academic Council to be reviewed in terms of probability of funding using two criteria: resource utilization and consistency with the UWB mission.

Action Item

Sandeep will ask Bruce Burgett to send the EC a pre-proposal and cover letter requesting the EC to review the Masters of Arts in Cultural Studies program.

Academic Strategic Action Initiatives Update

In order to implement strategic planning in a pro-active way, the EC has proposed the Academic Strategic Action Initiatives, a process to identify five specific initiatives that will reshape UWB over the next five years. These initiatives will be the mechanism to align the mission, vision and values of the campus with practices that will produce measurable outcomes. The goal is to re-energize the institution along five key vectors. All initiatives will be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic and Time-bound). A steering committee will be formed with the charge to develop the initiatives. Academic Council will be an advisory resource, public forums will gather feedback and a task force will be formed to monitor ongoing implementation of initiatives. The initiatives may be used for hiring decisions, new programs, promotion and support from the Administration. The Academic Strategic Action Initiatives will bring together the Academic and Administrative sides of the house to work toward common goals in the spirit of shared governance.

Minutes submitted by Barbara Van Sant