General Faculty Organization

General Faculty Organization: 02/05/2003

February 5, 2003, 3:00 pm UW1 220

Present: Present: Mary Abrums, Andrea Anderson, Arnie Berger, Jane Decker, Chuck Jackels, Dan Jaffee, Andrea Kovalesky, Sandeep Krishnamurthy, Carole Kubota, Kathleen Martin, Jack Meszaros, Nancy Place, Becky Reed, Gowri Shankar, Michael Stiber, Kelvin Sung, Linda Watts, Alan Wood, Carol Zander.

Guest: Woo-Chul Chung

Approval of minutes of December 4, 2002 GFO Meeting
Minutes were approved with corrections.

Woo-Chul Chung, ASUWB President
Woo-Chul Chung, ASUWB President reported on the student union's state of affairs. He shared how student's perception of UWB has changed and pride in UWB is on the rise. He also imparted how students view UWB as a learning community and not simply a system of education. Student Government has made progress from last year, officers are creating a culture among students to become proactive, take ownership of education at UWB and get things accomplished. ASUWB is developing more structure; a Constitution has been written, with help from Bill Kelleher. Woo-Chul expressed the need for more faculty involvement. Faculty advisors are needed and will help add weight to the issues and provide continuity. Two issues that are currently under consideration are: a workout facility (exercise) and a better student health care package. An ASUWB representative is now sitting on the EC. Woo-Chul posted the ASUWB email address and his address as ASUWB President: and Carole will email the faculty about the ASUWB's request for faculty advisors.

Tri-Campus Update - Jack Meszaros
Jack Meszaros reported to the GFO on the Tri-Campus Council, which represents UWB, UWT and UWS. Members of the Tri-Campus Council from UWB are Jack Meszaros, Jane Decker, Carole Kubota, Carole Leppa and Sandeep Krishnamurthy. Two issues the Council is working on are, writing legislative language into the Faculty Code defining our status as a campus and determining how we coordinate curriculum across three campuses. A Tri-Campus Academic Standards Committee will draft a proposal for agreement on approving new programs. UWS is proposing one code and one approval process for all the campuses; UWB and UWT have expressed the desire for autonomy on this issue. UWB's and UWT's faculty and administration jointly have a good understanding on the terms of autonomy. UWS's administration, Interim President, Lee Huntsman; Acting Provost, David Thorud and Fred Campbell respect our view. Fred is the liaison to UWB and UWT and will create forums for the faculty to articulate future plans regarding the direction of the campuses. The Faculty Senate Vice Chair has been unanimously elected, Ross Heath, who shares our vision for UWB.

Carol Zander, 2002 Distinguished Teaching Award recipient. The title of Dr. Zander's presentation: The Art and Beauty of Computer Science and Mathematics.

Dr. Carole Zander gave an enlightening and informative presentation on the art and beauty of computer science and mathematics. Her passion and understanding of both these fields was evident in creative and amusing ways. Carol painted an artistic view of math and science and illustrated the beauty, elegance and art of patterns and symmetry in the technology we use daily. She exposed elegance in algorithms and the power and logical challenge of data organization. She pointed out the exquisite patterns in nature, both simple and complex that are bound to mathematics and how her appreciation of these sciences has only grown over the years. Dr. Zander offered a unique and intriguing way of seeing mathematics and computer science.

Carole Kubota announced that the GFO now has it's own office space, Carole thanked Chancellor Buck, Vice Chancellor Jane Decker, Vice Chancellor Bill Kelleher and Cherry Banks for their advocacy and support with making this happen, the office is located in UW2 318.

Minutes submitted by Barbara Van Sant