General Faculty Organization

General Faculty Organization: 06/07/2002

June 7, 2002, 1:00 pm UW1 202

Present: Mary Abrums, Bruce Burgett, Frank Cioch, Paul Collins, JoLynn Edwards, Diane Gillespie, Walter Freytag, Ufuk Ince, Chuck Jackels, Bruce Kochis, Dan Jacoby, Patricia Kelley, Carole Kubota, Kathleen Martin, Pete Nye, Suzanne Sikma, Linda Watts, Carol Zander

Discussion: Cover Letter for the Strategic Positioning Document - Barbara Curtis

The Strategic Positioning Document

This GFO meeting was called for the faculty to discuss and deliberate on the Strategic Positioning Document that has been drafted by Barbara Curtis, Director of Corporate Strategies, Corporate & Foundation Relations, Office of Development at UW, Seattle. Dan Jacoby started the discussion stating that although he served as UWB representative, along with Sandeep Krishnamurthy, on the committee drafting the Strategic Positioning Document, he cannot represent all the faculty views on this document and it is time to present the document to the GFO for their review, feedback and input.

Various opinions were expressed:

Bruce Burgett - I would like to add information on diversity, increasing trans-national migrations to Seattle and cultural interactions are an important element of our campus. We educate a global population.

Pete Nye - We need a platform for positioning, statements and messages for different constituents, a shorter positioning message focuses and may be best.

Barbara Curtis - When we have all the ideas, we can shorten. We need to ask, how do we, UWB, become known? What is the value of our diploma, what is our position in the world, with other universities? We want to achieve consensus on the content of our message, although there is a different communication plan for each audience.

Bruce Burgett - UWB is focused on interdisciplinary studies, we teach critical thinking or inquiry and life long learning across all fields of knowledge.

Alan Wood - The UWS, UWB and UWT have distinct identities, but their relationships to each other are complimentary and it is important to be seen not only as separate but also as having common goals connected to the student and shared resources. The Strategic Positioning of UWB must convey the dynamic relationship with the other campuses in our commitment to research and the resources available, yet show our focus on interdisciplinary studies, our holistic approach and how the region is better served through the UWB.

Diane Gillespie - I want to point out the use of the word 'skills' in the Charter and under Programs, this can be seen as remedial and not convey the idea of abilities. We strive for excellence in communication not competence in communication.

Dan Jacoby - The worldview section attempts to position UWB relative to other constituencies. It is here that we need to see if the document captures that correct complementarities and distinctions. We have a distinctive mission in which we maintain that the faculty student relationship is paramount. Accordingly, we need to make sure that our programs complement that mission by defining ourselves as a college for advanced undergraduate and masters level studies; that we take well-prepared students and further develop their capacities through interdisciplinary and professional studies to develop the capacities to exercise judgment in the use and production of knowledge.

Mary Abrums - We should strive for ethical judgment. One thing this implies is limiting our graduate work to the masters level. Bruce Kochis, We could allow ourselves to produce an interdisciplinary Ph.D.

JoLynn Edwards - Under the Programs section, Environmental Science-BS needs to be listed under the Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (Liberal Studies)-BA, BS, MA and not standing alone as a program.

Alan Wood - Under Charter the Program on the Environment is incorrectly named, it needs to be Restoration Ecology Network, Tools for Transformation.

Barbara Curtis - My role is to offer an external perspective.

Alan Wood - We need internal representation from the faculty to make revisions. I will act as a coordinator for the faculty to gather and coalesce our revisions and corrections.

Dan Jacoby - The faculty can, within each department, review the Strategic Positioning Document, make corrections or revision and forward those to Alan. Alan will then send the rewritten version to Barbara Curtis.