General Faculty Organization

General Faculty Organization: 04/25/2002

April 25, 2002, 3:30 pm., Room UW1 041

Honors and Ceremonies - Student Commencement Speakers Runoff

Jean Eisele, member of the Honors and Ceremonies Committee introduced the prospective student commencement speakers, Jennine Conca and Lani Thomas. Both students were outstanding examples of the UWB spirit and scholarship, graduating magna cum laude. Because of the excellent caliber of both women's speeches a discussion followed regarding the unprecedented idea of having 2 commencement speakers.

A motion was made to nominate both women for commencement speakers. A vote was taken, the results were: 12 - yes votes and 2 no votes. The motion was approved. The June 2002 commencement speakers are Jeanine Konca and Lonnie Thomas.

Committee Reports

Committee reports were presented for Faculty Affairs, Honor and Ceremonies, Instructional and Research Support, Curriculum and the Tri-Campus Council.

Faculty Affairs - Linda Westbrook

From the nominations it has received, the committee has chosen, Dr. Gary Orfield to be our distinguished lecturer in 2003.

The 2003 faculty retreat will focus on faculty issues.

The committee is forwarding recommendation to the Executive Committee that Chancellor Buck set aside two days for faculty development day during the next academic year.

Instructional and Research Support - Mike Striber

The Committee has focused on decision-making and faculty consultation in regards to instructional and research support.

Honors and Ceremonies - Jean Eisele

Senator Paul Shin will be the commencement speaker for June 2002.

Curriculum - Carol Zander

The committee has discussed proposals that it and the Academic Affairs committee be collapsed into one unit. The EC has previously considered that idea, but had noted that a consolidation would mean a substantial workload increase that would have to be agreed upon by members of the committee. Occasional joint meetings with the Curriculum, Instructional and Research Support Committees and Academic Affairs were also discussed.

Tri-Campus - Carole Kubota

Jack Meszaros is Chair of the Tri-Campus. The core issue for UWB is to maintain control over our academic programs. We are also working to refine the UWB Faculty Handbook to meet our needs.

Motion on Program Planning Document - Suzanne Sikma

Suzanne Sikma reviewed the Program Planning Document and outlined the steps required for proposing a new degree program, through approval of the program. The goal is to have a process for planning new programs at UWB and for faculty and GFO to work collaboratively with the administration to support all stages of approval of new programs.

A motion was made to adopt the Program Planning Document to the UWB Faculty Handbook, seconded and approved. A paper ballot will follow.

Motion for Approval of minutes for GFO meeting, January 30, 2002. Approved unanimously.

Report on Election and Nominations

The GFO will send ballots out on elections for GFO Chair, Vice Chair and Faculty Council on Promotion and Tenure.

Minutes submitted by Barbara Van Sant