General Faculty Organization

General Faculty Organization: 04/11/2001

April 11, 2:30, Room 315

Present: Mary Abrums, Bruce Burgett, JoLynn Edwards, Mary Huneke, Dan Jacoby, Ufuk Ince, Carole Kubota, Kevin Laverty, Andrea Kovalesky, Kathleen Martin, Jack Meszaros, James Miller, June Morita, Kelvin Sung, Linda Westbrook, Alan Wood, Carol Zander (Dan Jacoby presiding)

Approval of Minutes

In light of GFO approval (27 aye, 1 nay, 1 abstain) by paper ballot that 'A majority of the faculty present at a General Faculty Organization meeting will suffice to approve the minutes of the previous meeting(s),' Dan Jacoby asked for a vote of approval of the past minutes for the academic year. The minutes were approved unanimously.

Honors and Ceremonies

Alan Wood introduced each of the students nominated to be the commencement speaker for this year: Eileen Collins, from the Nursing Program and Mollie Hughes, from the Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences. After a five-minute presentation by each, the faculty voted in favor of Mollie Hughes.

Faculty Affairs

Last spring the Faculty Affairs committee discussed proposed changes in the manner in which the Executive Council membership is determined. Linda Westbrook distributed an amended proposal for discussion. Dan moved that a revised proposal be submitted to the faculty prior to the next GFO meeting, including the following friendly amendments: The departments in which the chair and the vice chair of the GFO reside may determine at their discretion whether they wish to have a separate program representative. Bruce Burgett seconded the motion. The proposal was approved unanimously. (See attachment for revised proposal).

It was also suggested that some of the current faculty committees be condensed or eliminated, which will be discussed at a future meeting.

Executive Council Report

Dan Jacoby reported that the faculty approved the Tri Campus Legislation by 88%. The Council of Chairs from the three campuses will meet to determine the guiding rules. The legislation states that inter-campus concerns will be dealt with in the new Tri Campus Council.

Minutes submitted by Patti Bellecy

Proposed GFO Bylaws Changes (revised 4-11-01)


Executive Council/Strategic Planning and Budget Committee membership (EC) shall include the GFO Chair, the GFO Vice-Chair (who shall chair the EC) and the elected representatives of each of the academic programs. The programs of the GFO Chair and Vice Chair shall have discretion whether to elect a separate program representative. With the exception of the GFO Chair and the GFO Vice-Chair, terms of membership shall be two academic years. Representatives will serve staggered terms.

This is a representative body and therefore each academic program/elected representative shall have mechanisms for obtaining input that is representative of the opinions of the program faculty. Procedures for electing program representatives are at the discretion of the individual program.

Decision Making

All issues on which the UWB handbook requires a full faculty vote will be decided by such a vote. Of the remaining issues, the EC has discretion regarding EC or full faculty vote. At any time an issue may be moved to a full faculty vote or back to committee for further development. On those issues it deems appropriate, the EC may decide an issue in which there are two or less members voting in opposition. If there are three or more members voting in opposition, the issue will be taken up by the full faculty.


The EC meetings are open to any GFO member. Meeting agendas shall be published for the GFO members in a timely manner prior to each meeting. Minutes shall be posted. Standing faculty committees shall have access to the EC whenever an issue decision is pending, and at a minimum, once per quarter for maintaining good communication between the committees and the EC Attachment.