General Faculty Organization

General Faculty Organization: 11/29/2000

Mary Abrums, Cherry Banks, Frank Cioch, Colin Danby, Jane Decker, JoLynn Edwards, Mary Huneke, Chuck Jackels, Dan Jacoby, Carole Kubota, Ann Loustau, Andrea Kovalesky, Kathleen Martin, Jack Meszaros, Michael Stiber, Alan Wood, Carol Zander

The meeting was called to order at 2:35 p.m.

Approval of Minutes
Jack Meszaros made a motion that we change the procedure for approving GFO minutes. It is proposed that a majority of the faculty present at a GFO meeting be sufficient to approve the minutes of the previous meetings. This would supercede the current rule that a quorum of all eligible voting faculty is required. This proposal will be discussed again and then voted on following our next GFO meeting.

Reports from Committees
Allan Wood, Chair of the Honors and Ceremonies Committee, reported that this year's commencement speaker will be Yolanda T. Moses. She has just been appointed the president of the American Association for Higher Education.

Jack Meszaros indicated that the Curriculum Committee is meeting and setting up their schedule.

The Instructional and Research Support Committee has not met as yet. Cynthia Fugate will be added to this committee as an ex-officio member.

The Academic Affairs Committee met and discussed distance learning. Michael Goldberg is assembling an ad hoc group that will propose some distance learning technology initiatives.

Tri-Campus Legislation
Jack Meszaros reported that the UW Tacoma Executive Council voted to officially support our resolution relating to greater representation for UWB and UWT faculty on the UW Senate. This resolution on Tri-Campus Legislation was presented at the previous GFO meeting. A paper ballot will be conducted to determine if the UWB faculty supports this resolution. This topic will be discussed at the UW Faculty Senate on November 30 as a discussion item. The official proposal will be presented at the January meeting, with the faculty voting on it probably in February.

Enabling Legislation
The UW Senate is working on a resolution to request the State Legislature to provide enabling legislation for a faculty union at the University. As proposed, the legislation would include UWB and UWT in the same bargaining unit with UWS. This issue has been going on for several years. Information on this was sent to the faculty in an e-mail from Duane Storti, President of the UW's chapter of the American Association of University Professors.

TA Strike
The anticipated graduate student strike was discussed briefly. Since there are very few graduate students at UWB, it is not anticipated to be a problem here.

Building Issues
Jack Meszaros asked the faculty to let Bill Kelleher know of any incidents, or near misses, that occur regarding safety. Several problems were mentioned: electrical shorts in the wire in the podiums, dim lights, acoustical difficulties, slippery ramps in classrooms, chairs that slide unexpectedly.

Enhancing Faculty Community
Many faculty have expressed concern about the lack of the feeling of community since being in the new campus.

At the request of the GFO, Mary Huneke provided a memo suggesting several options for getting the faculty together (see list below). The faculty were asked to let Jack Meszaros or Dan Jacoby know their preferences about the suggestions and any other ideas they may have regarding this.

1. A social hour before a cultural event at one of the venues in our service area (Kirkland Center for the Arts, Woodinville Theater, Everett Community Theater, etc.) Faculty could mingle before the show, become familiar with the venue and its offerings, then see the show.

2. A bus trip to, for example, the Japanese Gardens at the Arboretum.

3. An evening gathering at Alexa's, Hana Sushi, or some other establishment in Bothell.

4. A service project on campus or in Bothell, followed by a meal.

5. A speaker on campus.

6. A spring picnic and softball tournament.

7. A social hour and tour of an art museum or historical site.

8. An occasion for mingling, with food and background music, perhaps in the Rose Room.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:35 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Patti Bellecy