General Faculty Organization

General Faculty Organization: 03/07/2000

Mary Abrums, C. Banks, C. Danby, J. Edwards, Diane Gillespie, C. Jackels, Dan Jacoby, D. Jaffe, A. Kovalesky, K. Martin, C. Renne, B. Schultz, S. Slater

University of Washington, Bothell, students

The meeting was called to order at 3:40 p.m. 

Since there was not a quorum, a vote to approve the January 11 minutes was not taken.

Committee Reports

Chuck Jackels, Chair of the Honors and Ceremonies Committee, made a motion that at the UWB Commencement Ceremony the graduating students continue to be seated by Program. However, within each program, students would be given the opportunity to be seated next to classmates of their choosing rather than in strict alphabetical order. A student survey was previously conducted. Approximately 48 percent of the graduating students responded; of those, over 80% approved of the change. The motion was seconded by Diane Gillespie. Since there was not a quorum, a paper ballot will be conducted.

The Honors and Ceremonies Committee has sent a list of nominees for Commencement speakers to Chancellor Buck. They will be meeting next week to discuss student speakers for Commencement.

Dan Jacoby, Chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee, distributed the proposed procedure for Reorganization, Consolidation, and Elimination of Programs at UW. Each unit at the University of Washington is required to have this statement. Professor Jacoby made a motion to adopt this procedure. It was seconded by Dan Jaffe. A paper ballot will be conducted.

The distinguished lecturer this year will be sociologist Stanley Aronowitz who wrote the book, The Knowledge Factory: Dismantling the Corporate University and Creating True Higher Learning. The lecture will be on May 18 with a seminar planned for May 19. Professor Jacoby requested that the faculty for input regarding the most efficient use of Dr. Aronowitz's time. Two suggestions were to link the lecture with a course and possibly a faculty colloquium with pre-readings.

In regard to the faculty retreat, Professor Jacoby asked the faculty to access the GFO Web discussion page and provide input regarding which occasions merit faculty retreats, and how they should be conducted (see

Dan Jaffe, Chair of the Faculty Council, made a motion that for the 1999-00 academic year, all tenured faculty, except administrators and those on leave, be included on the Faculty Council. JoLynn Edwards seconded the motion. A paper ballot will be conducted. The Faculty Council is discussing how to move toward becoming a committee of representatives of the tenured faculty. They will make a recommendation to the GFO in the spring.

Tri Campus Conference

Cherry Banks announced that the Tri Campus Conference is moving forward. There is also a Tri Campus Advisory Committee chaired by Norm Rose which includes Jeanne Heuving, our Faculty Senate Representative, Cherry Banks, GFO Chair, and Jane Decker, Associate Dean. This committee's role is to provide advice to the Provost on tri-campus relations. Professor Banks asked the faculty to send her their comments on this by e-mail or the Web discussion page.

There was some concern expressed that the faculty is not being kept informed of current issues and that the faculty has not taken the opportunity to express their views on issues. It was decided that Professors Banks and Meszaros will meet with the Chancellor to express the faculty's concern about getting information and providing input on issues. Professor Banks will arrange time for faculty to come together to discuss their perspectives at the April 11 GFO meeting.

Professor Banks recommended that we start a process on how we can improve our communications: (1)analyze what has been done, (2) creatively explore what can and should be done to improve communications, and (3) consider ways that the GfO can take on a facilitative role in providing tools and structures that can strengthen faculty communication.