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Social Media at UW Bothell

At UW Bothell we use a number of social media tools to increase engagement and interact with our campus and external community.



The number of reach social media tools available today can be overwhelming.  Fortunately, our colleagues in the University of Washington (Seattle) Office of Marketing have put together some "best practice" guidelines for some of the most-used social media tools. 








Current Topics in Social Media: Pinterest 

What is it?  A social bookmarking site of sorts, but much more image oriented rather than article oriented, like Digg or Reddit. You create virtual bulletin boards and pin your favorite photos, videos and website links to it.

Reach: According to Compete, unique visitors to increased by 155% just in one month, (Dec. 2011 to Jan. 2012; 10 million unique visits by the end of Jan.).

Demographics: Pinterest users are still predominantly females, ages 25-54 and focus has been largely retail (e.g. shoes, home decor, etc.). But that demographic is rapidly changing. 

Pinner Beware: People freely pin copyrighted material, such as photographs, to their pinboards without the artists' permission. Pinners should be giving credit to the artists with a link back to their site, but that doesn't always happen and even if it does, it doesn't satisfy copyright law.

Here’s the UW site: UW: 


Timeline cover photos:

UW Bothell campus photographer Marc Studer has developed a series of cover photos for the new Facebook timeline. If you have access to the UW Bothell network, go to:

\Collaboration\Campus Multimedia Archive\The Campus\Timeline\Timeline Banners

(Note we cannot link to this directly as it is an internal network link).