Bachelor of Science in Nursing (First Year Entry)

Curriculum and Course Schedule

Male NurseThe curriculum for the First Year Entry RN-to-BSN degree program is set. Students go through the program together as a cohort. Courses are offered only once per year. A part time track is not an option the first year or while in the nursing program at our partner community college.

Students need to meet the academic, professional and testing requirements in order to remain in the program and progress as scheduled. Repeating coursework while in the program is not an option nor is changing the starting quarter of the nursing program at EvCC.

Everett Bothell Map Because the degree program integrates associate and baccalaureate education, students study at two campus. Students begin and end their studies on the UW Bothell Campus with years two and three in the nursing program of our partner school, Everett Community College located approximately 19 miles northwest of the UW Bothell campus. At this time,other community colleges are not an option. Students remain matriculated UWB students while at EvCC which allows for continued housing and access to campus.

Note: Running Start and College in the High School students: The curriculum (in particular the science coursework) of this degree program is designed to be take at UWB once admitted. Please meet with an admissions advisor and or attend an information session to plan any future or remaining college coursework.

Curriculum and Course Schedule

The degree program requires a set of specific GPA standards and professional testing requirements.

The first 5 quarters at UW Bothell

Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter Summer Quarter Fall Quarter
English Composition I English Composition II Statistics for the Health Sciences Interpersonal Communication Microbiology
Discovery Core I Discovery Core II Discovery Core III Introduction to Psychology Introduction to Sociology
Introduction to Chemistry Majors Cellular Biology Human Anatomy Human Physiology Developmental Psychology
Nursing 101 Nursing 102 Nursing 103    
16 Credits 16 Credits 16 Credits 15 Credits 15 Credits

The next six quarters Everett Community College

Winter Quarter Spring Quarter Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter Fall Quarter
Nursing Therapeutics I: Introduction to Nursing and the Client Nursing Therapeutics II:  Chronicity and Rehabilitation Nursing Therapeutics III:  Acute Illness Nursing Therapeutics IV: Family Health and Reproduction Nursing Therapeutics V: Multi-System Disorders Nursing Therapeutics VI: Role Transition into Professional Nursing
13 Credits 13 Credits 13 Credits 13 Credits 13 Credits 13 Credits

The Final senior year at UW Bothell with one quarter off to become a licensed RN before completing the BSN degree.

Winter Quarter
(No Classes)
Spring Quarter Fall Quarter Winter Quarter Spring Quarter
Prepare and take the WA state RN licensing exam Nursing licensing exam, the NCLEX-RN Nursing courses and required electives Nursing courses and required electives Nursing courses and required electives Nursing courses and required electives
45 credits awarded upon RN licensure 10 credits 10 credits 10 credits 15 credits

Senior Year of Academic Nursing Coursework at UW Bothell

  • Critical Thinking in Nursing
  • Evidence Based Practice and Nursing Inquiry
  • Cultural and Social Issues in Health Care
  • Partnerships in Community Health
  • Legal & Ethical Issues in Clinical Practice
  • Relational Leadership in Nursing
  • Senior Portfolio

In addition to the academic nursing coursework the senior year, students complete three upper division electives. The total course load required the senior year is 45 credits.

College Coursework While in High School

Participation in Running Start, AP, or College in the High School provides a great experience in the college setting prior to commencing this degree program; however, applicants should understand that the degree program, in particular the sciences, is designed for students to complete all, if not the majority the coursework at UWB, not prior. If applicants want to get a head start on courses, do not take any of the sciences (chemistry and biology) listed in the first year. Rather, complete a different science or enroll in some of the non-science courses.

If applicants select to take a college course that meets one or more of the required courses while in high school, please see the required GPA for the degree program and remember, your college cumulative college GPA is part of the review process: Earned College Grades Matter!