Bachelor of Science in Nursing (First Year Entry)

Math Prerequisite

Know Your Mathematics

Nursing students need to demonstrate quantitative competency. As an applicant, you must do this at the time of application. This is because nursing students need to know complex conversions, be able to crunch numbers quickly, and work through complex problem solving. First Year Nursing students need to be prepared to be successful in chemistry, biology, A&P, and health statistics; all of which require demonstrated math proficiency at the Intermediate Algebra level.

Demonstrated proficiency in Intermediate Algebra is an admissions requirement for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing First Year Entry program.

Only applicants who have demonstrated proficiency through the completion of one of three items at the time of application (not in progress) and submitted the approved documentation will be reviewed by the Nursing Admissions Committee. If you are in a math course or program that is not listed as one of the three options, then it does not meet the requirement; no exceptions.

Math Proficiency is met by completing any one of the following three items.

  1. College Coursework: Completion of a college Intermediate Algebra course or a college level Algebra from a university or community college with a minimum grade of 2.0 from a regionally accredited college/university complete at time of application; not in progress.
    Instructions: Submit official transcript with the graded course with your application.
  2. Advanced Placement: Completion of Advanced Placement Calculus AB exam with a score of 2 or Calculus BC with a score of 3 scored at the time of application; not in progress.
    Instructions: Submit AP Test scores to Admissions.
  3. Compass Assessment (testing): Completion of the Compass Math Assessment within the last 6 months from the time of application with a score of 69 or higher using the Algebra Portion or a 35 or higher using the College Algebra portion. *
    Instructions: Submit a scanned official test score report via email to noting “Compass Math Scores”.

* The Compass Math Assessment is typically available at a local community college. Locate a testing site at: