Bachelor of Science in Nursing (First Year Entry)

Math Prerequisite

The First Year Entry RN-to-BSN degree program commences with general chemistry then moves into a four quarter series of biology including a health statistics course year one. Therefore to be considered for this direct-admit degree program, applicants must meet the math prerequisite as part of the application process.

The math prerequisite is the completion of either an intermediate algebra or college level math course with a 2.0 or higher via Running Start or College in the High School or an AP score receiving placement into or credit for calculus, or placement into a college level algebra via a math assessment.

Only applicants who meet the math prerequisite as part of the application review are forwarded to the School of Nursing and Health Studies for review into the major. All other applicants are not considered for the nursing major. These applicants are encouraged to meet with an admissions advisor to explore other degree options as pre-major students.

Verify if You Have You Already Met the Math Prerequisite

  1. Have you completed an Intermediate Algebra or a college level Algebra Class from a university or community college with a minimum grade of 2.0 (must be from a regionally accredited school). Yes/No
  2. Have you taken the Compass Math Assessment within the last 12 months? If so, did you earn a 69 or higher using the Algebra Portion or a 35 or higher using the College Algebra Portion? Yes/No
  3. Have you completed an Advanced Placement Calculus AB exam earning a score of 2 or Calculus BC earning a score of 3 (must provide official exam scores from CollegeBoard)? Yes/No

Did you answer YES to any of the three questions? If so, you have met the math prerequisite. Upon submission of your official transcripts and or Compass Score Report, your application will be forwarded to the school of Nursing and Health Studies for review into the major. See below for how to submit the Compass Score report to the University (It's not through the Office of Admissions, they only take transcripts).

Did you answer NO to all of the three questions? If so, take action to complete one of the math assessment options outlined below.

Math Assessment Options:

The math assessment is an option for applicants who don’t have the math prerequisite transcripted at the time of application. The university provides two math assessment options.

Option One: Take the Compass Math Assessment at a community college just about anywhere in the country or if you've already taken it within the last calendar year, submit scores to the UW Bothell Center for University Studies and Programs. To learn more, visit the Center for University Studies and Programs. Select the Algebra Portion of the Compass Math Assessment. See required scores and how to submit scores below.

Option Two: Take the UW Seattle MPT General Test Math Assessment at the Office of Educational Assessment on the Seattle campus. Select the MPT General Test (not the Advanced Test). See required scores below. If selecting this option, you must have already submitted a UWB application so that you are in the system.

How to get your Compass Score Report to UWB: With your full name and date of birth, submit the Compass Score Report directly to the Center for University Studies (CUSP) at UWB via email at (scan and email) or submit in person. See website for location details. Questions? Call 425-352-3812 or 425-352-3807 or email

Required Compass Math Scores:

  • Compass minimum score of 69 using Algebra Portion (recommended)
  • Compass minimum score of 35 using College Algebra Portion

Required MPT General Test Math Score:

  • MPT minimum score of 151 using the MPT General Test (do not take the Advanced Test)


*First Year Entry RN-to-BSN is pending university approval.

Did You Know?

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