Application Deadlines and Admissions Requirements

Entry Quarter Priority Application Deadline Anticipated Notification Period
Autumn 2018

January 15, 2018

February - March
Applications may be accepted past the priority deadline if seats are available.
Admission Requirements
  1. Freshman class standing as a domestic student*
  2. Completion of UW Bothell First-Year (freshman) admission requirements
  3. Completion of the mathematics proficiency requirement
  4. University personal statement
  5. Nursing goal statement
  6. Journal of activities and accomplishments
  7. Two reccomendation forms 
Final High School Transcript Review

Applicants who do not meet the following criteria senior year may have their offer of admission to the nursing major rescinded.

  • Final transcript(s) notes the applicant failed course(s) senior year or
  • The GPA from any transcripted course(s) (Running Start and College in the High School included) falls below a 2.5
  • GPA falls below 2.75
  • One or more CADR is not complete

* International students are not eligible for this program. See International Student advisor for more information if needed.

Earning College Credit in High School

Applicants who have complete college coursework need to carefully review the information on earning college credit.

College Entrance Test Scores and Grade Point Averages

There is not a minimum SAT/ACT or high school GPAs required to apply; however, please note the average incoming SAT/ACT scores and high school and science GPAs.

Average Incoming SAT/ACT Math Score and GPAs

Average SAT score (Math and Critical Reading)


Average ACT score (Composite)


Average incoming high school cumulative GPA


Average incoming high school science GPA

(includes Biology, Chemistry, and Physical Sciences)