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Financial Aid

UWB Scholarship Winners

The Scholarship Review Committee considers a combination of factors that are communicated in each applicant's personal statement, resume, and academic record . The committee honors and applauds the outstanding achievements of all of the applicants and acknowledges their commitment, hard work, and accomplishments as they strive toward meeting their academic, personal, and professional goals.

After careful deliberation the committee selected the following scholarship recipients.

Autumn 2014-Spring 2015 General Scholarship

Richard C. and Lois M. Worthington Endowed Scholarships $2,000

  • Niecole Monisha Coder
  • Concetta Joan Leggio
  • Doibu Marip
  • Viona M Sanda
  • Elizabeth I Spokoiny
  • Sarah M Tiv
  • Linda Ton
  • Jessica Velasquez
  • Amani E Carithers
  • Maria Alejandra Perez

Natalie K. Lang International Student/Immigrant Scholarships $1,800

  • Keyi Chen
  • Miyu Kimura

Boeing Business Scholarships $1,500

  •  Mariam Rahimi
  • Jonathan Mannella

UW Bothell Alumni Scholarship $1,000

  • Shannon Leigh
  • Hillary Sanders

Marv Workman Business Scholarship $2,500

  • Nykole Mitchell

Winter & Spring 2014 General Scholarship

UW Bothell Annual Scholarships $1000

  • Nykole Mitchell
  • Luis Ballesteros
  • Madison Bertrand
  • Teresa Polendo
  • Suzannah Kirk

Natalie K. Lang International Student/Immigrant Scholarships $1,200

  • Hatha Dam
  • Karla Armendariz

Wells Fargo Scholarships $500

  • Jamil Hassam
  • Matias Perez
  • Rahel Wendyifraw
  • K’Leia Wilson

UW Bothell Alumni Scholarship

  • Miriam Cineros - $1,250
  • Jessica Velasquez - $1,000

Boeing CSS Scholarship $1,500

  •  Eleanor Wort

Boeing Business Scholarships $1,500

  • Jahmil Cobb

Kenyon Chan $1,000

  • Linda Ton 

Richard Penny $1,000

  • Miranda Nguyen