Who is eligible as an HB1079 student?

General Information

Who are “undocumented students”?

Undocumented students are born outside of the United States and do not have the proper documentation to reside in the U.S.  A majority of undocumented students are brought into the country at a young age by their parents and therefore did not have the choice of whether to enter the United States legally or not.  Since most arrive as babies or young children, America is the only home they know.  Under current laws, these individuals do not have a path for citizenship. Many consider themselves American and returning to their country of origin can be difficult due to language barriers, cultural differences, and unfamiliarity with their "homeland".

Undocumented students are a part of the K-12 education system. Many are active in their communities, are star athletes and honor students. Despite being active in the K-12 school system, most undocumented students do not pursue higher education due to lack of funding sources. Federal laws do not prevent undocumented students from entering colleges and universities. However, undocumented students do not qualify for federal and state financial aid, many scholarships, and most federally financed programs.

To enroll in a college or university in Washington, a student must go through the following steps:

1. Complete the admission and scholarship applications from the college or university the student plans to attend.

2. Fill out and sign the Affidavit. This should be available at any public high school, college or university in the state.

3. Submit the admission, scholarship applications, and Affidavit to the college/university Office of the Registrar by the deadline stated by the institution.

Contact Information

Enrollment Management

Phone: 425.352.5000