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Financial Aid

UWB Scholarship Winners

The Scholarship Review Committee considers a combination of factors that are communicated in each applicant's personal statement, resume, and academic record . The committee honors and applauds the outstanding achievements of all of the applicants and acknowledges their commitment, hard work, and accomplishments as they strive toward meeting their academic, personal, and professional goals.

After careful deliberation the committee selected the following scholarship recipients.

Autumn 2016-Spring 2017 General Scholarship

Richard C. and Lois M. Worthington Endowed Scholarships $2,000

  • Kira Regester 
  • Asaya Plumly 
  • Kelly George 
  • Helen Kapitonenko 
  • Trystan Cannon 
  • Alexandra Alfaro 
  • Michelle Saldivar  
  • Richiel Sta Maria 
  • Alison Samuels 
  • Amanda Turner 
  • Kashpa Khan 
  • Fabiola Reyes Castro 

Natalie K. Lang International Student/Immigrant Scholarships $1,250

  • Gurpreet Singh 

UW Bothell Alumni Scholarshi $1,000

  • Kulan Baasan
  • Ankita Sharma
  • Tiffany Williamson

Marv Workman Business Scholarship $2,500

  • To be announced

 School of STEM General Scholarship $1,000 

  • Sierra Rouse 
  • Phornilundy By 

CLA Accounting Scholarship $1,500 

  • Spencer Mock 

Moss Adams Accounting Scholarship $1,000 

  • Laila Hedeyati 
  • Tara Marinig 

Access to Excellence Scholarship $1,000

  • Anchala Krishnan  

Biella Foundation Seattle CC Transfer Scholarship  $12,000

  • Kevin Jiang 

Biella Foundation Veteran Scholarship $6,000

  • Benjamin Deboer 
  • Elijah Hall 

Biella Foundation First Generation Scholarship $12,000 

  • Jasmyne Bryant 

Warren Buck Scholarship $1,000

  • To be announced

Winter & Spring 2016 General Scholarship

UW Bothell Annual Scholarships $1000 Biella Foundation Seattle CC Transfer Scholarship 

  • Manuja Sharma
  • Luis Fernando Alvarado Caballero
  • Phoebe Ampo
  • Isiatu Neneh Bah
  • Jasmyne Leanna Bryant
  • Katie Rochelle Olsen
  • Gregory Trevitt Painter
  • Susan Hamilton
  • Laura Khalil

Wells Fargo Scholarships $1000

  • Tommy Chhoeum
  • Michael Conrad Cook

Boeing CSS/CSE Scholarship $1,500

  • Son Thai Huynh
  • Damian Daniel Banki

Boeing EE Scholarships $1,500

  • Huy K. Hoang

Boeing Business Scholarships $1,500

  • Brady N. Blake
  • Kira Luchau

Richard Penny $800

  • Bonnie Johnson

Kenyon Chan $1,200

  • Tomoko Okada

UW Bothell Alumni Scholarship $1,000

  • Cruz Garibay
  • Amani Carithers
  • Gregory Painte