We accept applications and create awards throughout the year. You should apply as soon as you know you need assistance and apply well in advance of the end of the year (or quarter if you will not continue enrollment). This is in order to allow all processing of your application to occur. Processing of applications can take up to four weeks from the time your application is received by the UW FAFSA. If a date has past you can submit a financial aid appeal.

Remember to reapply each year

October - January

Early October to mid January: Renewal FAFSA e-mail reminders are sent out by the Department of Education to students who filed valid FAFSAs the previous year and who provided e-mail addresses. The notice provides instructions for those who have forgotten their Department of Education FSA ID and the web address for Renewal FAFSA on the Web.

October 1: The first day Renewal FAFSAs, WASFA, regular FAFSAs can be signed and submitted to the federal processor.


January 1: This is the day you should send or transmit your FAFSA or Renewal FAFSA in order to meet our January 15 priority deadline. Be sure to include the University of Washington on your list of schools to receive your information (school code 003798).

Early January: Our office starts to send acknowledgment mailers for those applications we have received. We also start to mail out requests for information based on a review of your application. See e-mail messages for more information.

January 15: In order to meet our priority deadline, your FAFSA or WASFA needs to be dated as received by the federal processor on or before January 15 and the UW must be listed as a school to receive your information. We award aid to applicants that apply after this date, but reserve most of our funds for our on-time, priority applicants.

March - April

Mid March to early April: New freshmen award letters are sent during this time period. Printed on your award letter is an acceptance deadline. Please sign and return your letter before this date to avoid cancellation.

April: Summer aid applications are available in your MyUW account under "Financial Aid Status" link.  Any UW student that wants aid during summer quarter must complete this form in addition to the FAFSA. Summer quarter is the first quarter of the aid year and requires the FAFSA for the upcoming year.

May - June

May or June: We start to send out award letters to continuing students, new graduate students, late freshmen applicants and new transfer students. Summer aid applicant award letters are sent out during these months, but usually after the regular academic award letter is sent.

May: Revision Request forms are available to enable you to inform our office about changes in income and additional expenses. Students and parents can also write letters describing any changes in financial circumstances or unusual situations they would like our office to consider. New freshmen can submit this information starting in February. "Requesting Changes to Your Award" provides more information on this process.

Spring - Summer

Our office reviews information we requested from you or new information you request we consider during these months. Information is reviewed chronologically, and depending on the year, there can be up to an eight week wait for a response. However, most years we typically have a four week response time and are able to reduce the response time to two weeks before the start of autumn quarter.


This is the time the Student Fiscal Services Office prepares and mails cover letters and promissory notes for any Parent Loans (PLUS) you have accepted. After receipt of the PLUS note, your borrowing parent should complete all of the forms , sign them, and return them as soon as possible. Loans may be reduced or canceled later, if you don't need them. Students may sign their own promissory notes on-line for the Perkins Loan or Direct Stafford Loans at any time, or they may request Student Fiscal Services to mail them paper promissory notes by e-mailing sfshelp@u.washington.edu in late August and specifying the preferred mailing address.