Faculty and Staff (approving Student and Hourly Employees)

  • https://prp.admin.washington.edu/timesheet/ (We recommend that you save this link to your favorites)
  • Enter your UW NetID and Password
  • Click “Log in as an Approver”
  • Click “I agree”
  • Your employee list will then appear.  If their status is “Open” (as indicated on the far right-hand side), you will not be able to approve the timesheet.  You are only able to approve timesheets in “Submitted” status.
  • Please contact any employees immediately that appear with: OPEN
  • Please review and approve if applicable any timesheets that appear with: SUBMITTED
  • If you review the timesheet and everything looks accurate, click on "Approve Timesheet" at the bottom of the timesheet. If the timesheet is not correct, click "Reject Timesheet", this action will send the timesheet back to the student/hourly. Please be sure to follow up with the employee to resubmit and then approve.

Student and Hourly Employees

Following are instructions for Student and Hourly Employees on how to report their hours through the online Timesheet system:

  1. Go to “MyUW“ at the following address: http://myuw.washington.edu/.
  2. Enter your UW NetID and Password.  (If you’ve forgotten your password, go to https://uwnetid.washington.edu/newid).
  3. Once you see your “MyUW” page, click on Employee Self-Service (ESS).
  4. Re-enter your password.
  5. On the upper right-hand side, click on the tab that says “Timesheets”.
  6. Enter your hours for the pay period.
  7. Click “Save Changes”.
  8. If your timesheet is complete, click “Review and Submit”.
  9. Review your timesheet once again.  If everything is correct, click “Review and Submit”.  If you need to make changes, click “Return to Timesheet”.

NOTE:  Submit your timesheets every pay period through to the end of your appointment, even if you have zero hours. 

Leave Time Reporting (LTR)

All UW Bothell Staff are required to complete online timesheets on a semi-monthly basis with the Leave & Time Reporting (LTR) system.  If you are a new employee and in need of training on the LTR system please contact the payroll coordinator. Submit your timesheets to your supervisor on the 1st working day after the end of each pay period.  In general, timesheets are due by noon on the 1st and 16th of every month.   

Please add the following address to your favorites, and put it on your desktop for easy access:


Payroll Due Dates

For employee and department information, a calendar of UW Bothell payroll due dates for timesheet submittal is also available.

Did You Know?

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