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Travel Procedure

The Provost requires all travel charged from GOF funds must receive approval from the Chancellor or Vice Chancellors. 

Travel Authorization

The travel authorization approval form must be completed prior to making any travel arrangements. The form is completed by the traveler or administrative support person in the department, and forwarded to the appropriate Program Director or Vice Chancellor for approval. However, grant funded travel does not need advance written approval if the travel was specifically budgeted for in the grant proposal, and the travel was approved by the sponsor.

(See the UW Travel Web-site for detailed information on all UW Travel regulations: http://www.washington.edu/admin/travel/)


Once you have approval you may contact a state contracted travel agency to make your flight arrangements. Tell the travel agent that you are a UW employee so that they will check for contract fares. Purchasing tickets from an Internet source is not permitted by State regulations unless the state contracted online travel agency, is used or if you purchase directly from the airline.

State of Washington travel regulations require that all UW business airfare be charged to a UW corporate travel account, either the University travel credit card issued to the individual or the Central Travel Account (CTA). If you do not have your own University travel account contact the Travel Coordinator. A non-UW issued credit card may not be used to pay for airfare.


Pay for the lodging yourself using your University travel credit card or personal funds if you do not have a University travel card. You will be reimbursed after your trip for actual lodging expenses up to the maximum allowed based on the per diem schedule. You must have the itemized lodging receipt. Early reimbursement before travel takes place is possible under certain circumstances. Contract the Travel Coordinator if early reimbursement is requested.

Registration Fees

Your department administrative support person can pay the registration fee on the departmental Procurement VISA card or you may pay yourself and be reimbursed with your other travel expenses.

Claiming Reimbursement

Attach all receipts to your completed Travel Worksheet and Travel Expense Voucher, and send to the Travel Coordinator, UWB Box 358525. The Travel Expense Voucher must be signed by you and the appropriate program director or Vice Chancellor before reimbursement will be processed.

Local mileage and parking

Mileage and miscellaneous fees such as parking and ferry tolls are no longer reimbursed through UW Bothell Petty Cash. Please go to http://f2.washington.edu/fm/travel/etravel for instructions on reimbursements.