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New Employee Information

Once an employee has been officially approved to work at the UW through the OE/HR hiring process, the following forms are required for all new employees.

  • INS I-9
  • W-4
  • etc.*

* Depending on the classification of the employee, additional forms are required for faculty, staff, student employees, temporary (non-student) hourly employees, and foreign nationals. Please see these forms in the respective sections.

The following forms are required for any new employee (depending upon the classification of the employee):


The W-4 is done online by the employee through Employee Self-Service (ESS) inside MyUW . All new employees are sent an email instructing them to do so after they have been entered in payroll. Paper W-4s are only used with Foreign National employees.


Student Employees

Temporary Hourly Employees (Non-Student)

All forms above must be turned in to the UWB Payroll Coordinator, Box 358525, before an employee can receive their first paycheck, receive a Husky Card, an employee number or sign up for a UWNetID.

The following processes are optional for new and continuing employees:

Additional information regarding the direct deposit process may be found at the UW Payroll Offices' Direct Deposit web site.

Foreign Nationals

Foreign Nationals must obtain a Social Security Number (SSN) to be paid as UW Employees. There is a Social Security Administration office near UW Bothell located at 18905 33rd Avenue West, #207, Lynnwood, WA 98036.

The following additional documents are required for Foreign Nationals:

1.   I-9 Form (listed above) must be completed according to the instructions below.

2.   Form 1007  (Instructions for Form 1007

NOTE: As per #10 on form 1007, the following copies must be attached; (1) passport picture page, (2) I-94 departure record, (3) if applicable, any other document required by visa status (Ex. I-20 for F1 Visa's).

Foreign Nationals must also determine whether or not they are eligible to claim a tax treaty benefit. This can be determined by completing the 1007 Form and referencing the following income tax treaty table: Current Income Tax Treaties

If the employee is ELIGIBLE to claim a tax treaty:

If the employee is NOT ELIGIBLE to claim a tax treaty:

Your Paycheck

Employees who are still receiving a paper pay advice or advice of deposit may find more information on paycheck deductions by referring to the description of deductions on your paycheck web site.

Information on how to sign up for, or discontinue, direct deposit can be found on the direct deposit web site.

Information on calculating the number of withholdings for Federal Withholding Taxes can be found on the change your W-4 web site.

Employees who are not receiving paper pay advices or an advice of deposit may print earnings statement from Employee Self Service (also available from MyUW ). Employees can also update home and campus address information, update emergency contact information, view year-to-date retirement plan contributions and review leave balances.

Important Dates

Employees can view a calendar of paydays to determine future pay dates.

UW Holiday Schedule Calendars

Understand Holidays and Holiday Eligibility

Did You Know?

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