Food Approval Process

Complete the Food Approval Form at least two weeks prior to providing meals or light refreshments at a University meeting, training or recognition event. All information is required. On page 1, a signature is required from the Department Director/Head or the Grant Budget Approver. On page 2, a signature is required for the Meeting/Training Coordinator. The Director of Fiscal and Audit Services signs as Approving Official on the bottom of page 2 on behalf of the University of Washington Bothell campus.

Please send the completed form to Fiscal and Audit Services (FAS) at Box 358525.  The department will review and approve the form. Once approved, the original copy will be returned to the respective department. The department is required to maintain the approved Food Approval Form for the records retention period.

Food Policy

  • Departments should be familiar with the University's food policy.
  • The approved Food Approval Form and a list of attendees or invitees is required to be maintained for the records retention period.
  • If food is purchased with a ProCard, attach a copy of the Food Approval Form and receipts with your monthly ProCard packet.
  • Per diem is used when calculating the allowable amount for meals.  Charges in excess of per diem may be charged to a discretionary fund.
  • Catering exceeding $10,000 per vendor must be pre-approved by UW Procurement.

Contact Us

If you need assistance or have questions relating to the Food Approval Form or policy, please send an email to

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