Room List

UW Bothell offers three broad categories of classrooms: General Purpose, Specialized, and Lab Spaces.

General Purpose Classrooms

General Purpose classrooms are designed to meet the requirements of multiple teaching modalities. These classrooms may also be used for non-class related activities such as meetings, seminars, orientations, and other campus events. Currently, UW Bothell offers 2 different types of General Purpose classrooms, the Classic Classroom and the Flexible Classroom. General Purpose classrooms make up the largest classroom inventory on campus.

Classic Classrooms

These classrooms vary in size from 18-person classrooms to 60-person classrooms. The classic classroom has a default seating configuration (usually rows), and the room must be returned to this configuration at the end of each use.

Flexible Classrooms

Currently, UW Bothell has 2 flexible classrooms, one that seats 30 and one that seats 48. The default seating configuration in these rooms is set up for groups.

Specialized Classrooms

Specialized Classrooms are comprised of four different types of classroom spaces: Performing Arts, Art Studios, Tiered Classrooms, and Learning Halls. Specialized Classrooms may be used for highly specialized classes, many can also be used for more general purpose courses if necessary. Specialized classrooms vary greatly in size and can accommodate classes from 24 – 200 students.

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts space is designed specifically for courses that need open studio space. Currently, UW Bothell has one Dance Studio that accommodates up to 60 students.

Arts Studios

There are currently 2 Arts Studios that accommodate up to 24 students.

Tiered Floor Classrooms

There are 4 tiered floor classrooms: 3 classrooms have seating for 48 students and 1 has seating for 60 students.

Learning Halls

Learning Halls are high capacity classrooms. There are 3 Learning Halls in the current classroom inventory, with capacities for 96, 100 and 200 students.

Lab Spaces

Lab spaces are the most restrictive classroom spaces on campus; as they have been designed for very specific teaching and learning activities. These spaces include computer labs, STEM Dedicated Science labs, and the RUE Lab.

Computer Labs

Computer labs may be used for more general courses and can also be preferenced by specific academic programs. They are also often requested on a session by session basis by faculty. Currently, UW Bothell has 5 computer labs. Computer labs vary in size from 32-person to 36-person labs and each lab may have different hardware and software depending on its use.


The RUE Lab (Research on Undergraduate Education), located in Discovery 252, is a flexible classroom that has been designated as a space to support faculty who wish to conduct research to advance our understanding of teaching and learning. The RUE Lab allows faculty to implement innovative teaching strategies and simultaneously study the effect of those practices on student learning.

Science Labs

STEM dedicated science labs offer hands-on learning spaces with equipment for class and research use. These labs contain various equipment appropriate for the following curricular areas: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering. There are 2 STEM dedicated science labs located at Cascadia College CC1 and 16 between the UWB Beardslee and Discovery Hall buildings.