Facility Services

Custodial Services

The custodians work day and night to make sure all our buildings are neat and clean. There is one custodian during the day, four at swing shift, and 6.5 custodians during the graveyard shift. Some of the tasks they do during their workday are: vacuum lights, vacuum & clean walls and paneling, vacuum blinds & shades, vacuum & clean cove base, vacuum & clean hard flooring or carpet, vacuum & clean furniture, vacuum & clean all horizontal surfaces, vacuum & clean all cabinets, cupboards and shelving, vacuum & clean stairways/railings, scrub stairs, detail elevators and stairwells, vacuum all items attached to walls, vacuum & clean all vending areas, vacuum & clean all walk-off matting, clean and fill sanitary napkin dispensers, clean and fill baby changing stations, clean all garbage & recycle containers. They are always ready to help other FS departments whether it is rolling up the metal doors after a power outage to shoveling snow during the winter. We truly appreciate their dedication!

Did You Know?

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