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Valid parking permit displayed at all times

Vehicles parked on campus must have a valid parking permit on display at all times or pay for a daily parking pass. Please go to the Commuter Services Permit Store to renew or order a new parking permit.  Parking is enforced and payment is required 24/7.

For information regarding annual academic year parking rate increases at UW Bothell / Cascadia College click here.


Parking Locations on Campus

  • South Garage, (closest to UW1, UW2 & Library buildings and Bookstore)
  • South Surface lots (one located on NE 180th St., and one lot south of the South Garage)
  • North Garage (closest to Cascadia Community College)
  • Chase House lot (located east of the South Garage)
  • Campus Way NE (limited parking available)

Parking Off Campus

We encourage students to park on‐campus or use alternative transportation methods. However, if you park off‐campus, we ask that you be courteous to and conscious of our UW Bothell community neighbors. This includes, but is not limited to, leaving room for residents to turn out of their driveways; not parking in front of fire hydrants or mailboxes, and taking all your trash with you. The cost of parking on campus is a consideration; however UW Bothell wants to be a good neighbor.

Metered Parking

Metered parking costs $2.10 per hour.  $.25 for 7 minute intervals, $.10 for 3 minute intervals, $.05 for 2 minute intervals with no maximum time limits.

  • Chase House lot (located east of the South Garage)
  • Campus Way NE locations

Parking Permits

All parking permits must be ordered online via the permit store

To purchase or pick up your permit at the Cashier’s Office you must first create an account online, then proceed to the Cashiers Office located in Husky Hall. Faculty/Staff choosing payroll deduction will order their permit online and then proceed to the Cashiers Office to sign the payroll deduction authorization form and pick up their permit.

For Carpool, Motorcycle, Employee Night permits, and Upass purchases complete the appropriate form below and submit it to the Cashier with your payment. All vehicles must be registered to the parking permit for use while parked on campus.

If you have specific questions regarding permit forms, please call the Cashier's office at 425-352-3246.

Any other questions regarding parking or purchasing permits can be directed to Commuter Services at 425-352-3369 or by email at

Student, Staff, & Faculty Permits

Per Visit Rate

Per visit parking costs must be purchased in advance at pay stations located in each of the parking garages.

  • 0 to 3.5 hours is $5.00
  • 3.5 or more hours is $8.00

Full-Time Single Occupancy Vehicle

Valid seven days a week.

  • Cost: $194.00

Three-Day Single Occupancy Vehicle

See campus cashier for various 3-day options that are available.

  • Cost: $147.00

Two-Day Single Occupancy Vehicle

See campus cashier for various 2-day options that are available.

  • Cost: $110.00

Student Annual Permit

Valid seven days a week (Fall Quarter - Spring Quarter)

  • Cost: $582.00

Faculty & Staff Annual Permit

Valid seven days a week. Academic Year (July 1 - June 30)

  • Cost: $776.00


Valid seven days a week. UW Bothell students, staff, and faculty who carpool regularly are eligible to purchase carpool parking permits. Carpools must include at least two people.

  • Cost: $194.00


Valid seven days a week, not valid for use on automobiles.

  • Cost: $74.00

10-Pack Permits

Valid seven days a week. Please note these are one-time use permits and you will be responsible for adding the actual date you use the permit.

  • Cost: $80.00

Resident Housing Parking Permits (Students only)

Housing parking permits are only available for residents of Husky Village or Campus View. 2018-19 Permit Prices


Any UW Bothell student, staff, or faculty member with a valid ID card (Husky Card) is eligible to purchase a Parking Permit through the UW Bothell online permit store.

Permit placement

For window sticker, parking permit placement is on the front windshield, driver's side lower left corner (away from tinting).

For hangtag parking permit, hang from the rearview mirror with front side visible.


Retiree parking permit

If you are a fully retired employee from UW Bothell campus and are occasionally coming to campus please visit Commuter Services at Husky Hall. Please provide and show your retiree card to the staff and you will be issued a one day permit while parked on campus that day. 

Rehired retiree parking permit

For those that are rehired at greater than 40% you are eligible to receive a 60% discount off a quarterly permit. This permit must be paid through payroll deduction.

For those that are rehired at less than 40% but come more than occasionally to campus please check with the cashiers for your options. To make sure this discount in parking for the day is granted, you must make payment at the UW Bothell Cashier’s office during their office hours. Cashier’s office hours are Monday – Friday 9 AM – 5 PM. 

Lost Parking Permits

Staff & Faculty

Report lost parking permits to UW Bothell Cashier's Office, Husky Hall. The replacement fee is $20 per parking permit. Husky Card (faculty/staff ID) is required for replacement.


Report lost parking permits to UW Bothell Cashier's Office, Husky Hall. The replacement fee is $20 per parking permit. Husky Card is required for replacement.

Parking Violations

RV and Motorhome Parking

No unauthorized overnight parking of RV or motorhomes is permitted on campus.

Parking Permit Student Refund Policy

There are no parking permit refunds after the tuition payment deadline and no replacement of lost parking permits if the student has withdrawn. 

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