Course to take to prepare for the Elementary Education option

To be a competitive applicant, students should take the following courses before applying to the Elementary Education option. All courses need to be 100 level or above and have atleast a grade of 2.0.

(* Recommended classes)

Social Science – pick at least 2 of the following classes:

  • US History*
  • World History
  • Sociology*
  • Geography*
  • Economics
  • American Government

English– pick at least 2 of the following classes:

  • English 101*
  • English 102
  • Children’s Literature*
  • American Literature
  • Other Literature classes

Math – Math 131 or 132 is required– pick at least 2 of the following classes:

  • Math 131 – Math for Elementary Education I*
  • Math 132 – Math for Elementary Education II*
  • Math 107 – Math in Society
  • Other Math classes

Science – 1 class must have a lab - pick at least 2 of the following classes:

  • Biology*
  • Chemistry*
  • Geology
  • Oceanography
  • Astronomy

Fine Arts: – pick at least 1 of the following classes:

  • Intro to drawing*
  • Intro to paining*
  • Intro to photography
  • Art history
  • Dance

Other recommended classes offered at community college:

  • EDUC&115 – Child Development*
  • EDUC&205 – Intro to Education with Field Experience*

Interested in teaching high school?

If you are interested in teaching high school, students should earn their bachelors degree in the subject area they want to teach.  Below are some suggestions for degree programs offered at UW Bothell:

There are two pathways in the School of Educational Studies to become a high school teacher: