Current UW Bothell Student Applicants

How to Apply

Students must complete an application and be accepted into the Elementary Option within the Bachelor of Educational Studies program. To be eligible to apply, you must be already a declared Educational Studies major for at least 1 full Quarter, and taken at least 2 core courses.


Application Checklist

  1. Resume (2 page maximum)
  2. Response to two essay questions
  3. Documentation of academic breadth
  4. Official WEST-B Basic Skills Test score report or passing SAT or ACT scores
  5. Three letters of recommendation (academic, professional, school based)
  6. Documentation of experience working with children
  7. Optional supporting documentation

Please carefully read the details of each requirement below to ensure your application will meet the minimum requirement. If you have questions about applying, please email, or schedule an appointment with an advisor.

Successful candidates will have:

  1. All academic breadth requirements completed before the admission deadline
  2. A minimum 3.0 GPA in all academic breadth classes
  3. A minimum cumulative college GPA of 3.0
  4. A minimum of 60 hours of volunteer or working experience with children, with a minimum of 30 hours in a U.S. public elementary school
  5. Passing score for the West-B (240) or SAT (M515/CR500/W490) or ACT (M2/R22/W08)

Our intention is not to overstate the importance of grades, but to offer some guidance for your academic planning.  If you find yourself finished with prerequisite coursework, but you fall short of our successful applicant profile, you are still encouraged to apply.  All applications are reviewed holistically.

Applying to the Educational Studies Major

If you have not yet declared the Educational Studies major, fill out a change of major form with your First Year and Pre-Major Program adviser. 

Transfer students interested in the Elementary Education option must first be admitted to UW Bothell and the Educational Studies major.  For transfer application instructions visit the transfer students admission's website.

Requirements to Delare the Educational Studies Major

  • 45 college credits completed at the University of Washington Bothell, or any other accredited institution.
  • English Composition - 5 credits.
    • Note that a 2.0 is the minimum grade required to receive credit towards a Bachelors degree for the University of Washington.

Essay questions

Successful UW Bothell applicants think carefully about the interconnectedness between children, schools, and society, demonstrate intellectual curiosity, and are committed to the promotion of social justice and inclusion.

Please respond to the following prompts:

  • Based on your recent experiences inside and outside of K8 schools, what have you learned about children, learning, and the role you will have as a teacher in a diverse society? (250-350 words)
  • Describe yourself as a learner. Give an example of something you pursued that led you to a surprising place. (250-350 words)

Essay Resources:

Documentation of Academic Breadth

Strong teachers in 21st century K-8 classrooms must show competence across a breadth of subject areas. The knowledge you bring to your future classroom should come from a broad range of discipline-specific and interdisciplinary college coursework (100-level and above).

UW Bothell has determined that the following subject area knowledge is crucial to successful K-8 teaching:

  • Social Sciences –2 courses from two different social science areas (e.g., U.S. History*, sociology*, geography*, economics, political science, global studies, gender studies, etc.)
  • English – 2 courses, 1 must be in composition and 1 can be in any area of English literature or writing (e.g. English 101*, English 102, Children's Literature*, American Literature). Courses with “W” designations do not automatically count toward this requirement.
  • Math – 2 courses, 1 must focus on Math for Teachers. (e.g. Math 131: Math for Elementary Education I*, Math 132: Math for Elementary Education II*, Math 107: Math in Society), and 1 can be in any other math area (e.g., functions, college algebra, statistics, pre-calculus, calculus, etc.).
  • Science – 2 courses from two different science areas, 1 lab required (e.g., biology*, chemistry*, climate science, oceanography, geology, physics, engineering, etc.).
  • Fine Arts – 1 course focusing on the creation of or practice of an area of fine art (e.g., drawing, painting, dance, music, photography, art history etc.)

With your academic advisor, please document this critical college coursework on the Academic Breadth Transcript Review Form.

We accept only classes at 100-level and above with a minimum grade of C (2.0). Applicants must verify with an official college transcript all academic breadth coursework completed outside of the University of Washington. Competitive applicants will have all academic breadth coursework completed before the Spring quarter they plan to enter the Elementary Education Option program.

WEST-B Basic Skills Test

Teacher Certification applicants are required by the State of Washington to take the Washington Educator Skills Test-Basic or the WEST-B (095, 096, 097). It is required of all those who apply to Washington-approved teacher preparation programs.

The test consists of three separate sub-tests:

  • Reading
  • Mathematics
  • Writing

Please read the information carefully on the WEST-B website for test dates and score reporting dates. Confirmation that you have taken all three sections of the WEST-B is required by the application deadline.  Official score reports may be submitted after the deadline.  A passing score is 240.

We have the West B guides in the UW Bothell Library.  Links to these items in the current catalog can be found below.

SAT or ACT Scores

Candidates entering a Washington approved teaching preparation program may substitute a passing score on one or more sections of the SAT or ACT for the equivalent passing scores on the WEST-B.  More information, with specific numeric passing scores is located on the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) website.  If applicable, offical SAT or ACT score reports are a requirement at time of application.

Passing scores are:

  • SAT
    • Math: 515
    • Reading: 500
    • Writing: 490
  • ACT
    • Math: 22
    • Reading: 22
    • Writing: 08

Letters of Recommendation

Three letters of recommendation are required for the Elementary Education Option application:

If you cannot obtain a professional letter of recommendation, you may submit a second academic or school based recommendation form. 


Documentation of Experience Working with Children

Please submit documentation of at least 60 hours of working with elementary and middle school children.  All hours must be completed within the past two years.  At least 30 of these hours must be in U.S. K-8 public school classrooms. All hours must be completed prior to the application deadline. Additional hours of observation and experience in public school settings are highly recommended. The documentation of hours form is available online and may be duplicated.

Upload these forms as part of your online application.

Optional Supporting Documentation

You may supply optional supporting documentation to help the Admissions Committee assess your qualifications.  For example you can include a brief statement explaining any extenuating circumstances or any additional information you would like to be considered. The content and format of this documentation are up to you, but please address the specific qualifications sought by the program.


Deadline is

December 1, 2018


Check back for more information on how to apply online in September.