Middle Level Endorsements

Currently Certified Teachers

Endorsement Pathway 2 for Certified Teachers

Adding a Middle Level Endorsement to a current teaching certificate enables an individual to teach grades four through nine in Washington State.  This endorsement is available via a Pathway 2 program for practicing teachers with 90 days of teaching experience* in the following endorsement areas: 

Current Endorsement Held - If you hold an endorsement and have 90 days experience in: You are eligible for a Middle Level endorsement in the following subjects:
Technology Education Middle Level Science
Biology Middle Level Math; Middle Level Science
Chemistry Middle Level Math; Middle Level Science
Earth and Space Science Middle Level Math; Middle Level Science
Physics Middle Level Math; Middle Level Science
Science Middle Level Math; Middle Level Science
Middle Level Science Middle Level Math
Mathematics Middle Level Math
Elementary Education* Middle Level Math; Middle Level Science; Middle Level Humanities
English/Language Arts Middle Level Humanities
History Middle Level Humanities
Social Studies Middle Level Humanities

 *Teachers who hold a K-8 endorsement and who are unemployed (or working as substitutes) may have the 90 day teaching requirement waived if they are adding the Middle Level Math or Middle Level Science endorsement. This is the only waiver of the 90 day teaching requirement that is allowed.

You can also visit the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) website for more information on pathways to earning endorsements.

Steps to adding a Middle Level Endorsement through the UW Bothell Education Program Pathway 2

Step 1. Register for appropriate WEST-E Middle Level Test 

To Register and for more information on the WEST-E tests, visit the WEST-E Website. For information on Washington State Learning Goals and Grade Level Standards and Resources, visit the OSPI website.

The following is a list of the corresponding WEST-E test numbers.  

  • Middle Level Humanities 010 and 011
  • Middle Level Math 012
  • Middle Level Science 013 

All candidates for Middle Level endorsements are required to pass the appropriate WEST-E test before they begin the Pedagogy Assessment/Field Observation portion of the program (see Step 4).

Step 2. Register for UW Bothell course *B EDUC 480 "Middle School Learners"

"Middle School Learners" is a 3 credit, undergraduate course offered at UW Bothell. *This course is available in spring quarter, and meets once a week in the evenings. This course, or an approved equivalent, is required for the Middle Level Endorsement Pathway 2 program. If you have already taken "Middle School Learners" or believe that you have completed an equivalent course, please proceed to Step 3.

If you are not a current UW Bothell student, you may enroll in the course as a non-matriculated (non-degree seeking) student without formal admission to the University. For more information about non-matriculated status, see the UW Bothell Admissions. Application for non-matriculated status is available online.

If you are a UW Seattle MIT graduate who has taken EDTEP 562 or EDTEP 563 then BEDUC 480 will be waived.  Unofficial transcript must be provided.

Step 3. Completion of Pre-Observation Documents and Fee

 Complete the following forms (available online):

Contact UW Bothell Program Officer for Certification: Jon Howeiler (425-352-5231).

Program Costs

  • Certificate Fee (OSPI Requirement) - $48
  • WEST-E tests - $120
  • B EDUC 480 "Middle School Learners" (3 cr) - $1191 (2012-2013 School Year)
  • Pedagogy Assessment - $300* ($260 for UWB Teacher Certification program graduates) (Fee must be paid PRIOR to pedagogy assessment)

Fees are subject to change. Please check websites and with the Certification Officer for current fees.

Step 4. Complete and Send Paperwork

Step 5. Successfully Complete Pedagogy Assessment/Field Observation

All UW Bothell Education Program candidates for Middle Level endorsements will be observed teaching in a Middle School classroom setting. Candidates must find their own classroom placement and document at least 10 hours in that classroom by having host classroom teacher send an email to Jon Howeiler. Education Program Field Instructors will perform these observations and candidates must successfully complete the pedagogy performance assessment (PPA and see below for link to this evaluation document) over two observations.


For the 2013-14 school year, the deadline for completion for adding a ML endorsement via Pathway 2 is June 6, 2014.  This includes payment of all fees, completion of forms, passing test scores and the two required observations.

A candidate may still be currently enrolled in BEDUC 480 spring quarter. 


Spotlight on Middle Level Pathway 2

Watch a brief overview presented by  Jon Howeiler