LEDE Program Schedule

The LEDE program combines Saturday Seminars, e-Learning, performance tasks, and internships. All seminars meet on Saturdays, approximately once or twice a month, on the UW Bothell campus. Activities may take place online, at participants own school, or at another school location.

Part 1

Introductory Quarter - Autumn
4-12 credits*

Saturday Seminars:
  - Leadership for Curriculum and Teaching
 - Personal Leadership for Schools
- Participants join a Teacher Instructional Leadership Network that is supported by APPL partners.
- Begin performance tasks to be completed at participant's own pace


*Enrollment during introductory quarter is 4-12 credits depending on prior experience as a teacher leader and prior academic coursework that is appropriate for transfer into the program. Prior experience is determined during the admissions process. Applicants without prior teacher leadership may be eligible for a Spring quarter. 2-credit, pre-admission seminar that supports the development of formal and informal teacher leadership experiences through school-based activities.

During the Academic Year

After the Introductory Quarter, participants may continue in Part 1 of the program for up to three years before choosing to enter Part 2.
Participants who continue in Part 1 of the program for longer than one academic year must enroll in 2 credits of coursework Autumn quarter of each additional Part 1 year.

- Meet quarterly with network members
- Continue working on performance tasks
- Complete at least 400 internship hours in participant's home school (Part I Internship)

Qualification to begin Part 2 based on completion of performance tasks, internship hours and seminars.

Part 2

Autumn Quarter
12 credits

Saturday Seminars:
- Leadership for Schools as Responsive Public Institutions
- Leadership for Schools as Renewing Organizations
- Leadership for Schools as Inclusive Communities

- 400 hours of intership (Part II Internship)
- Begin Part 2 performance tasks

 Winter Quarter
14 credits 

Saturday Seminars:
- Continuation of seminars initiated in Autumn quarter

-Complete internship requirements
-Continue Part 2 performance tasks

Spring Quarter
2 credits

Saturday Seminars:
 - Complete tasks from Introductory Quarter seminars

-Final assessment of dossier
-Complete any remaining performance tasks from Part 2
-Recommendation for Principal Certification
-Application to Principal positions

Program design is subject to modification


Application Quarters

 LEDE accepts applications for
Part 1 of the program
Spring and Autumn quarter.
Please contact an advisor for information on when you would
qualify to begin.