Application Information

Application Overview

Application to the LEDE program involves 3 steps: 

  1. Complete a preliminary (supplemental) application to determine Autumn or Spring Quarter start.
  2. Formally apply to the UW Graduate School for either Autumn or Spring Quarter.
  3. Submit additional documents directly to the UW Bothell LEDE program.

Application begins with completion of the LEDE Supplemental Application.  Based upon review by faculty, the applicant will be recommended to apply either Autumn Quarter or Spring Quarter.  The Supplemental Application will collect information about the applicant’s teaching and formal/informal teacher leadership experiences.  Those teachers with significant teacher leadership experience will be recommended for an Autumn Quarter start. 

After recommendation by faculty, the applicant will complete a formal application to the program, which requires documentation to be sent to both the UW Graduate School and the UW Bothell School of Educational Studies-LEDE Program. 

To be admitted to the LEDE program at the University of Washington Bothell, applicants must simultaneously be admitted to the Graduate School of the University of Washington. It is very important to submit all application documents by the application deadline.


Applicants with less formal instructional leadership experience may be qualified to begin during our Spring "Early Start" Quarter. Applications for Spring can be accepted up to March 18th.

We are also accepting applications for an Autumn Quarter start from individuals who have extensive teacher instructional leadership experience. Applications are due by September 1st.  Completion of the Supplemental Application is required to determine if qualified to begin Autumn Quarter.

Initial application Requirements:

  • At least 3 years of experience as a K12 teacher.
  • The UW Graduate School requires a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution with a 3.0 GPA in the last 90 quarter credits or 60 semester credits of graded upper-division coursework
  • Current Washington State Professional Teaching Certification (or equivalent continuing certification). Applicants from private schools should show evidence of comparable teaching experience and professional development.

Application Process and Materials

  1. Complete the Supplemental Application Form
    The Supplemental Online Application Form is available on the Leadership Development of Educators website.  Submit this form electronically via the LEDE webpage prior to the application deadline to determine which starting quarter is appropriate based on prior experience. (Autumn or Spring).  

    Applicants who are admitted for an Autumn start receive advance credit for their prior experience and join a cohort of candidates whose work has focused on instructional leadership during the spring and summer.
  2. Complete application to the University of Washington Graduate School
  • Submitted after receiving starting quarter recommendation from LEDE faculty
  • Made online at
  • When you are prompted to "select a graduate program," be sure to select "Education-Bothell Campus (Educational Leadership)" from the drop down menu (V-BEDUC).
  • An $85 non-refundable application fee is payable by credit or debit card at the time you submit your complete online application file.

The following application materials should be uploaded to your MyGrad online application as RTF, Word, or PDF documents:

  • Official Transcripts
    Instructions are provided on the MyGrad application. For transcripts to be official they must be submitted in original sealed envelopes. Applicants MUST submit official transcripts to the Graduate School or application processing and admissions will be delayed.
  • Current Resume
    • List education and work experience
    • Include in your resume a one paragraph description each of up to three leadership experiences (situations in which you needed to work with and influence other adults to achieve a goal). For each, describe what you wanted to accomplish, with whom you worked and what you learned from the experience.
  • Application Letter (Personal Statement)
    Please describe what you believe is possible to accomplish in a principal's position, why you aspire to this role, and why you believe you are qualified for the role. Consider this a rough draft of your letter of application for a principal's position. The letter should be no more than two (2) pages.
  • Three (3) Recommendations
    • One recommendation should be from your immediate supervisor or evaluator;
    • One reference from a colleague or co-worker who can speak about your commitment and ability to collaborate with colleagues, participate in a community of learning, and support success for all students;
    • One reference from an individual who can speak to your ability to be successful in a graduate program.

       3. Send the following documents to the UW Bothell LEDE Program

  • Unofficial Transcripts
    Provide copies of transcripts for undergraduate degree institution, post-baccalaureate, and/or non-UW graduate coursework.  Former and current UW students do not need to submit copies of UW transcripts.
  • Evidence of Teacher Certification
    Provide a photocopy of your Washington State Professional Teaching Certificate (or equivalent continuing certification). Applicants from private schools should show evidence comparable teaching experience and professional development.
  • Letter of Internship Support from Principal Mentor
    Applicants must ensure that their school principal understands and is supportive of the program internship requirement.  Applicants should provide the letter linked below to the principal who will serve as his/her mentor during the internship period.

    Information for LEDE Principal Mentors
    The Principal Mentor is asked to provide a letter stating support of the program and evidence of how internship opportunities will be available to the applicant.

Mailing Address:

Leadership Development for Educators
University of Washington-Bothell
Box 358531
18115 Campus Way N.E.
Bothell, WA 98011

Please note: all enrolled matriculated students are required to provide proof of measles (rubeola) immunity. Students will not be allowed to register for any classes until the UW Bothell Registrar's Office confirms that they have satisfied this requirement. Students born before 01/01/57 are considered to be immune to measles and therefore do NOT need to submit proof of immunity.

Credit for prior learning and other professional development

Up to eight credit hours required in the first part of the program may be satisfied through transfer credits or waived on the basis of prior professional development and experience. Options include a combination of:

  • Up to four credit hours can be waived with documentation of prior learning and teacher instructional leadership work that is equivalent to part of the internship requirement.
  • Up to eight credit hours of coursework taken for university graduate credit and not used toward another degree can be transferred into the program.

If you wish to apply for transfer credit, please complete the Prior Learning/Professional Development form and submit it with your Evidence of Teacher Certification. An individual advising conversation will be scheduled in conjunction with the faculty's decision to grant transfer credit for these experiences.

Tuition Information and Financial Aid

Visit the Office of Student Affairs for specific information on tuition rates and financial aid.

We are still accepting applications for
Autumn Quarter 2016.

Please contact for more information!