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Leadership Development for Educators (LEDE)

A New Principal Preparation Program that Honors Your Work as a Teacher Leader

Many of the instructional leadership skills that are so central to principal success are developed over time as teachers take on challenging responsibilities in their schools.

This understanding is the foundation for a new principal preparation program that UW Bothell will offer in partnership with several school districts, the Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession, and the Center for Educational Leadership. With new thinking about how to coordinate teachers’ on-the-job learning and university classes, the program supports teacher instructional leaders and helps them document their learning so that it contributes to requirements for a masters degree and state residency principal certification.

Who is Eligible?

This program is open to individuals with a Washington Professional Teacher Certification who have formal or well-documented informal teacher instructional leadership responsibilities.

A Two-part Program…

Part 1 launches with a seminar on instructional and personal leadership. Teachers then join a network of teacher instructional leaders and work at their own pace with a set of performance tasks that relate directly to the work of instructional and personal leadership in schools. Learning supports are available from UW Bothell, professional development organizations, and school districts. Quarterly progress reviews provide feedback and assistance. Almost half of the program’s course and internship requirements can be completed as a teacher leader in Part 1.

Part 2 is a cohort-based program capstone that combines three seminars with a simultaneous internship. It features a balance of e-learning, face-to-face seminars, and clinical practice. The seminars in Part 2 are commuter- and work-friendly. Part 2 begins with an intensive three-day summer institute. We will meet one full Saturday each month during fall, winter, and spring quarters. 

A performance-based program.

A series of structured and practical performance tasks integrate learning from seminars, e-learning, and clinical practice. Through these tasks candidates document both practical experience and conceptual understandings related to all certification standards and UW Bothell masters degree requirements.

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