Secondary Teacher Certification M.Ed.

How long have you wanted to be a teacher?
I would say that I started thinking about it in High School. Got serious about it after college.

What do you think will be your favorite subject to teach?
Math! Perhaps History down the road.

How do you think you’ll feel the first time you step in front of a class?
I’m sure that Ill be a bit nervous, but more excited than anything else.

What will you bring to your classroom from your life experiences?
Everything. Life experiences are what shape you as the person you are today. I plan to bring all the lessons that I have learned into the classroom and let my students learn from them the best that I can.

What do you think your students will like best about you?
Easy going personality.

Were you surprised to get into the Secondary/Middle Level Teacher Certification M.Ed. at UW Bothell?
I guess not particularly. I cut it close on the deadlines, so that was worrisome. But you’ve got to have faith that you are going to be successful!

What was the hardest part of the application for you?
The 60 hours of volunteering. I had to do it all in about 50 days, while working full time. Very rewarding though!

Where did you go to elementary school?
Fernwood Elementary in Bothell WA.

What does the word “cohort” mean to you?
Support and teamwork!

What will you miss most about UW Bothell when you finish your program?
The quest for knowledge.

First word that comes to mind when you hear “technology?”

What is the last book you read not for school?
The Alchemist

What was the last song you heard that you sang along to?
Probably some Tom Petty or something haha. I have no clue.

What’s your dream vacation?
The Far East! Japan, China, South Korea, etc.