UW Bothell School of Educational Studies is an approved provider of Washington Clock Hours for certified teachers for the 2014-2015 academic year.

The following activities were approved for clock hours by the School of Educational Studies during the current academic year:

  • November 8, 2014 - Right In Front of Our Eyes: How Undetected Vision Issues Impact Student Learning  Event Coordinators: Katherine Johnson and Dr. Bill Erdly
  • October 25, 2014 - Workshop: Islam, Gender & the Middle East in Global Context  Event Coordinator: Dr. Karam Dana

If you have attended an event that was approved for clock hours by the School of Educational Studies, you may submit the Clock Hour participation form for that event, with the appropriate administrative fee, to:

Clock Hours
UW Bothell School of Educational Studies
Box 358531
18115 Campus Way NE
Bothell WA, 98011

Checks can be made out to University of Washington Bothell School of Educational Studies. Clock hour fee is $2.00 per hour awarded with a minimum fee of $10.00. Your fee will be processed and your participation form will be returned for your records. The School will keep a record of your participation. You may not receive clock hours and university credit for participation in the same event.

Event Coordinators

Clock hour activites are reviewed and approved by the UW Bothell School of Educational Studies Curriculum Committee.  There is an administrative fee of $2.00 per hour awarded (minimum fee of $10.00) payable by coordinators or participants.

Clock hour activities must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Activities must include at least three (3) clock hours of instruction or coursework
  • Presenters must  be academically or professionally qualified to  conduct the program
  • Activities must relate to specific learning opportunities within K-12 education
  • All activities must be evaluated by participants

If you would like to request to have clock hours awarded for participation in your event or program, please contact Dana Bigham, Assistant Director, Academic Services, for an application form and additional information.