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Student Engagement and Activities promotes and aids in creating a campus climate and culture that respects and celebrates diversity. We are committed to creating educational programs/events that promote awareness and understanding of diversity, social justice, gender equity, historically underrepresented communities, multiculturalism, and much more.  Contact diversity@uwb.edu for more information.

Diversity Programs

  • Clubs
  • Diversity Dine & Dialogue Series
  • Diversity Council
  • Social Justice Organizers (SJO)
  • Large Diversity Events and Student Trainings
  • IDEA Project (Identity, Dialogue, Expression, Action)
  • Intercultural Leadership Alliance (ILA)
  • International Student Facilitators (ISF)
  • Reflection Room

Clubs:  Student Engagement and Activities oversees all of the campus diversity student organizations.  The office provides guidance and resources for groups to be successful.

Dine & Dialogue SeriesThe Dine & Dialogue Series provides students and the campus an opportunity to engage in discussion on a variety of topics with guest presenters.  Students learn more about people from different backgrounds and experiences and have an open discussion in addition to having their questions answered. Contact the Social Justice Organizers for more information.

Large Diversity Events and Student Trainings:Student Engagement & Activities hosts a number of large events and trainings during the year.  Programs include ally training, diversity training, Intercultural Night, Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, and Lunar New Year, among others.

IDEA (Identity, Dialogue, Expression, Action) Project: IDEA Project is a site (UW1 Room 161) for expression, deliberation, strategic planning, action, and reflection. IDEA Project draws on the many experiences and talents of UWB’s diverse student population to design and implement events, projects, programs, and collaborative initiatives that address issues of student concern. Diversity is understood across all pathways of difference. This project is a collaboration between Student Life and Community Based Learning and Research. Contact Leah Shelton for more information lshelton@uwb.edu.

International Student Facilitators (ISF):International Student Facilitators are current international and domestic students here to introduce international/domestic students to student life at UW Bothell.

Reflection Room:The Reflection Room offers students a place to relax and engage in the five areas of wellness: intellectual, spiritual, emotional, social and physical.  Located in UW1-380.

Social Justice Organizers:Social Justice Organizers are UW Bothell students raising consciousness about the value of equity and diversity to create a socially just community that challenges social norms and systems of oppression through workshops and events. www.facebook.com/UWBothellSJO


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Diversity Events


Other Annual Programs:

Intercultural Night

Lunar New Year

MLK Day of Service




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