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Who We Are                                      

The Lab serves as a real-world and virtual hub for collaboration in research partnerships, student projects, educational innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities. This is a dynamic environment where design, creative art, narrative, science and education converge. The Lab focuses on research and development of interactive technology and provides a venue for undergraduate and graduate students to work together with faculty and industry professionals. By acting as an incubator for student projects, the Lab enhances learning and prepares students to succeed in the 21st century workplace.  




Our Student Publishing Website: The Next

Published in 2013,The Next is a student-powered technology, science, and creative arts  blog created by the Digital Future Lab. Through a variety of archives, we explore digital experiences of all kinds and pull our inspiration from entertainment games, visual and performing arts, the sciences, gender and cultural studies, and education. The Next fosters a community where students can openly share their perspective on various aspects of our digital lives. If you want to publish an article, review, editorial, podcast, or any form of expressive content, contact our editorial staff at

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