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Cloud Com­put­ing Platform

The Center for Cybersecurity in the Pacific Northwest

CSS SPEAR cloud is a private cloud based environment that enables researchers, educators, students, and associates a remotely accessible platform to perform Cybersecurity and Information Assurance exploration and research. At the University of Washington Bothell a diverse community of practitioners, educators, and students utilize CSS SPEAR cloud to implement classroom teaching components and environments, cyber defense competitions and exercises, and Cybersecurity and Information Assurance (IA) research. 

UW Bothell CSS, by hosting the CSS CSS SPEAR cloud, is becoming a hub for Information Assurance and Cybersecurity in the region. UW Bothell campus proximity to the tech corridor of the East Side places the campus at the forefront of technology innovation and research.  By building CSS SPEAR cloud as a resource for the Computing & Software Systems Division and authorizing its use as a regional platform, UWB CSS has become the center point of conversations and resources for Cybersecurity and Information Assurance within the Pacific Northwest

The CSS CSS SPEAR cloud is the first of a consortium of cloud environments available to UW students and faculty across campuses and academic disciplines for IA/cybersecurity research and education. It is simultaneously a test bed, a secure live environment, and an advanced research laboratory facilitating student learning and participation while at the same time shielding UW Bothell and UW IT systems from incidental cybersecurity risks. 

By using the latest in cloud based architecture from Microsoft, students, educators, researchers, and associates have the opportunity to create new learning and research paradigms that encompass the utilization of cloud technologies on our premises, as well as to access off-premises environments such as Microsoft Azure. Because our local cloud can “burst” (expand) to remotely hosted environments, participants have the flexibility of local configuration and support as well as the capability to take advantage of economies of scale. This ability to transparently scale to accommodate dynamic requirements for classroom and research, combined with significant advantages in stability, recovery and availability, make CSS SPEAR cloud an exemplary use of cloud technologies and design.


Did You Know?

UW Bothell is the fastest growing public university in the state of Washington.