Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Software Design & Development builds upon students’ knowledge from introductory programming classes. The curriculum covers essential concept areas within computer science including: data structures and algorithms, systems programming, and software engineering life cycle and modeling.

Development Coursework
In the first two quarters of the development sequence, students focus on data structures and algorithms within the context of object-oriented design and implementation. In the third quarter, students study systems programming, working with operating systems utilities that can serve as the basis for further study in parallel and distributed computing.

Design Coursework
The software engineering series provides foundational knowledge in the software development processes, methods, and practices. Topics include software development lifecycle, requirements engineering, modeling, software testing, and quality assurance.

The Graduate Certificate consists of a total of 18 credits taken over the course of a complete academic year. Courses are taught in the evening, and meet twice a week on the UW Bothell Campus. In order to earn the certificate, students must complete ALL courses in the graduate certificate with a minimum of a 2.7 in each class, and maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA.

To help you make an informed decision if the GCSDD is right for you, we have made available several self-assessments of curriculum content in each course.  When submitting:

1. Please include the driver program, (i.e., the main function) for each programming problem in your package.
2. Please provide us with the instructions to unzip, compile, and run your programs.


Please know that Graduate Certificate courses DO NOT count towards any MS CSSE degree requirements; however, the completed graduate certificate can be used as the admission prerequisites for the MSCSSE degree for applicants whose Bachelor degree is in a field other than computer science. Please contact for further information.

 The Graduate Certificate in Software Design and Development is not appropriate for students on an F-1 Visa, as it does not meet minimum enrollment requirements.

 Admission Requirements

Admission to the Graduate Certificate in Software Design & Development (GCSDD) requires completion of the following

CSS 161 & CSS 162 (or equivalent coursework and/or work experience)*

College level Calculus Course

A bachelor degree with a 3.0 GPA in the last 90 quarter or 60 semester credits.


 *Equivalent CSS 161/162 courses may be taken at area community colleges. Please refer to the following equivalency guide for details. For the self assesssment to determine OOP skill level for admission to the Graduate Certificate, please turn in by email to

The GCSDD admits once a year in Autumn as a cohort.  Please note, the GCSDD is not appropriate for students on an F-1 Visa.


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