First Year and Pre-Major Programs (formerly CUSP)


 Pathways to Academic Engagement is a program dedicated to enhancing students’ second year experiences and student success. The program encourages students’ engagement with a combination of services, programs, professional development, curricular and co-curricular activities that provides a gateway between a student's college transition and their future aspirations. In short, it offers a foundation to explore the specific experiences and opportunities UW Bothell has to offer, especially those related to career development, interdisciplinary education, academic success, community involvement, and campus involvement.

Pathway Partner Opportunities:

UW Bothell Schools and Majors:

Engage in all that the campus has to offer now that you are more familiar with it, explore some of your interests, and develop a good foundation in the skills and best practices that are required to succeed. Talk to your academic advisor about choosing a Pathways opportunity!

Associated Students of the University of Washington Bothell (ASUWB)

We, the Associated Students of the University of Washington Bothell, are the official representative voice for all students within the university. We exist to empower our student body through the following measures:

  • Seeking to enhance the entire student experience by supporting and/or drafting policy that promotes student interests, needs, and welfare.
  • Serving as a liaison between the students and faculty, staff, alumni, and administration.
  • Diligently serving with integrity, honor, and enthusiasm while always aware of our university's proud tradition of academic excellence.

The first step is to join ASUWB on orgsync. Here students have access to what plans/events ASUWB will be holding as well as information about their school.

Students can also attend ASUWB weekly meetings. These meetings are open to the public and occur every Tuesday morning from 8:00am - 10:00am in room UW1-280. These meetings are great for students who are looking to learn more about the ways ASUWB handle certain campus issues.

Finally, students can contact ASUWB directly. Students can email ASUWB at or visit the ASUWB office located at UW1-011.

ASUWB Events:

Every year ASUWB organizes trips to the state capital of Olympia. These trips are great opportunities for students to meet face to face with their legislators and discuss their needs, not only as students but also state residents.

ASUWB also holds forums to discuss key issues facing our campus. Students attending these open forums can gain valuable knowledge about the school as well as let their voice be heard on the topics.

For students looking to make a change at their school, the ASUWB elections is the perfect opportunity for involvement. Students run campaigns to be voted into office by their peers. Becoming a part of the team that holds key decisions in UWB's future is the greatest of opportunities.

BCUSP 290 Research-In-Action

Interested in learning about the research, scholarship and creative activity being done by UW Bothell faculty and students? Are you curious and excited about learning? Come stretch your thinking and learn how research is performed across the different disciplines. Register for BCUSP 290! BCUSP 290 is a 2 credit (W-optional) class offered jointly by the Center for University Studies and Programs, the Office of Research and the Campus Library designed to introduce students to the research, scholarship and creative activity opportunities on campus. You will have FUN and be exposed to a wide variety of research, scholarship and creative activity projects! The seminars are open to the public so even if you aren’t registered for the course, everyone is welcome to come and listen to any seminars that sound interesting to them!

Steps to get involved:

1. Attend BCUSP 290 Seminars that interest you. Do it this quarter!

2. Enroll in BCUSP 290 during your sophomore or junior year.

Upcoming seminar information is available here.


Business & Organization Leadership Development (BOLD) sets the pace at the University of Washington Bothell for non-degree undergraduate leadership development programs by offering transformational and challenging opportunities in collaboration with leading companies, employers, CEOs, and seasoned executives. BOLD provides leadership development and formation opportunities for all University of Washington Bothell undergraduates including First Year Students, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors in any program or major including Business, CUSP, IAS, STEM, CSS, Nursing, and Education.

BOLD offers multiple programs: Leadership Lab; Leadership Voice; and Leadership Lessons. BOLD also sponsors an annual Women’s Leadership Camp. Each of these BOLD programs provides real-time, experiential, and active learning for students to enhance their leadership skills and abilities; expand their network and engage with business leaders; and set their leadership trajectories.

BOLD programs do not result in academic credit and students are charged a small fee, to participate. Several of the programs include fee-waivers or scholarships. BOLD is led by the CEO Student Ambassadors under the guidance of the School of Business Assistant Director, Susan Gibson.

To learn more about becoming involved in BOLD, visit our student-developed web site at: or contact Susan Gibson by email at

Get Started!

To stay up to date on our upcoming events and opportunities email and ask to join our newsletter.

Career Services

Career Services empowers UW Bothell students to explore academic pursuits and career interests, build effective job search skills, and connect with the employment community by providing students with opportunities and services to assist them in their professional and academic pursuits. We provide professional development opportunities via career counseling, workshops, and networking opportunities which are available to all UW Bothell students. Make an appointment with us today and make us a part of your academic and professional journey!

Starter Steps for using Career Services:

1. Make an appointment at

2. Create a draft resume

3. Research job descriptions, internships, and volunteer opportunities

4. Attend Career Services events which are posted at:

**Workshop series are also available throughout the quarter and are posted on the Career Services Workshop Series Page:**

Community Based Learning and Research (CBLR)

The Office of Community-Based Learning and Research serves students, faculty, staff, and regional community organizations. We support student learning experiences that make a positive difference in our communities and prepare students to be effective leaders and change-makers. We assist students in connecting with community organizations that inspire students’ passions and enhance course learning objectives. We also support service and advocacy programs outside of courses, such as Days of Service, Community Organizing trainings, Alternative Spring Break, and Achieving Community Transformation (ACT) student organization.

Get Started!

1. Participate in one of the student service/civic days: Alternative  Spring Break, Privilege Perspectives.

2. Get in the "know." Like our CBLR Facebook Page and sign up for our monthly e-newsletter to find out about local service opportunities, scholarships, and civic engagement events websites.

3. Register for a Community-Based Learning and Research course.

4. Visit us in UW1-160 or email us at

Come to our office to find a volunteer opportunity in the community!

Upcoming CBLR Events:

  • Alternaitve Spring Break
  • Bothell Youth Court Hearings
  • Volunteer Local Fair

Digital Future Lab

The Digital Future Lab is a research and development lab focused on interactive works of art. Our projects range from designing and prototyping new curriculum for classrooms to animated storytelling to commercial games. Our lab offers competitive internship opportunities for talented students to refine their skills, learn more about the production process, collaborate with cross disciplinary teams, and be a part of researching and developing new ways interactive media can be utilized. Our teams consist of 2D/3D artists and animators, designers, developers, audio designers, testers, and project managers.

Students are invited to apply for project-based internships and/or enroll in classes with our faculty partners to participate in our work. Representatives from our lab have presented at GEEKGIRLCON, PAX DEV, PAX, ComicCON, and a variety of other events. Many of our interns are mentored by industry professionals and receive hands-on experience in their field. We also hold play-test parties throughout the year to get user feedback on our prototypes.

To Get Involved:

  • Come and meet us - We're in DISC-150
  • Attend our next play-test event - Happening in February!!
  • Connect your passion to your skill - Check with us about which field you're interested in, what skills you would need to produce work, and what projects we have available.

Global Initiatives/Study Abroad

Increasing numbers of UW Bothell students are studying abroad. Why not be one of them? Spending a part of your university experience abroad will expand your understanding of the world and help you develop global skills – adaptability, intercultural communication, learning on the fly, etc. – that are in high demand by employers and graduate programs. There are hundreds of program options that vary in location, purpose and duration. All UW-approved programs earn academic credit towards degree completion and are eligible for financial aid and scholarships.

Starter Steps:

  1. Visit the Study Abroad Getting Started page on the Global Initiatives website.
  2. Watch the Can I Afford Study Abroad? online presentation.
  3. Talk about your interests and concerns with a UWB Student Study Abroad Advisor, Hanan Osman or Nykole Mitchell, in the Student Success Center, UW1-160.
  4. Connect with us via Facebook.

Study Abroad Info Sessions
Interested in studying abroad? Come find out how! Topics include types of programs, funding and credits.

Application Basics
This workshop is designed for students who have started to apply for different study abroad programs and scholarships. The workshop is set up to help go over the application process and clarify any questions you may have.

Money for Study Abroad
Need help funding your study abroad? Come find out about financial aid, scholarships and fully funded programs.


Career Services can help you develop your resume, cover letter, networking and interview skills as well as identify Internships and On-Campus Jobs
Jobs on-campus are available to current UW Bothell students. On-campus jobs are convenient, will work with your class schedule, and allow you to learn more about campus.
An internship is a short term opportunity to provide practical experience in an occupation or career field. An internship provides students, recent graduates, or those interested in a career change, an opportunity to "test the waters" and gain "hands on" experience in a career.

Starter Steps:

  1. Visit the Student Success Center to make an appointment with a Career Counselor
  2. Register on HuskyJobs the UW on-line listing of jobs & internships
  3. Review Career Center News weekly e-newsletter for events and opportunities

Making Access To College Happen (MATCH)

Making Access to College Happen (MATCH) is a program where UW Bothell students can get involved and become a MATCH coach.The students take a class and earn credit while making a difference by coaching local high school students on the college application process. MATCH's mission is all about serving low income and first generation students and our goal is to increase college access for underrepresented populations. This program develops student leaders by proving training in educational inequalities and social issues that impact the student populations whom we work with.

The best way to get involved with MATCH is to contact the MATCH Coordinator Shauniece Drayton at

In the Spring of 2015 we will be cosponsoring a documentary showing of the film"First Generation." The film is about four high school students who set out to break the cycle of poverty by pursuing a college education. We would encourage students to attend this event if they are interested in learning more about educational inequalities and have the opportunity to see how becoming a MATCH coach can impact their community.

UW Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activity

Participating in research, scholarship and creative activity as an undergraduate will help you discover your talents and interests while building skills needed for your future career. You can investigate compelling questions, learn technical skills and research methodologies, and develop confidence in your abilities to work on important needs or issues. It is also FUN and rewarding in often unanticipated ways. Participating in research builds expertise and can lead to scholarships and awards. Get started today by attending a workshop or making an appointment with an Undergraduate Research Advisor in the Student Success Center! The New UW Bothell Research Journal needs a Name!

Starter Steps:

1. Attend UW Bothell Undergraduate Research Week events- including a Getting Started in Undergraduate Research and Paid Summer Research Opportunities workshops.

2. Make an appointment with an undergraduate research advisor.

3. Check out the UW Bothell Undergraduate website, the UW Undergraduate Research Program website and the opportunity database.

4. Talk to your professors about their research, either during their office hours or during a Research in Progress seminar or BCUSP 290 Research in Action seminar.

UW Bothell Research Journal

This new journal is envisioned as a place for UW Bothell students to publish their research, scholarship and creative activity. A collaboration between the Library, Undergraduate Research and the Writing and Communication Center, the new journal offers opportunities for students (both authors and members of the editorial board) to hone their writing skills and emerge as more effective writers and scholars. Please help us come up with a name for the journal that reflects the nature of research, scholarship and creative activity on the UW Bothell campus. Entry forms will be available during the Pathways to Academic Engagement event, in the Library, the Writing and Communication Center and in the Student Success Center.

Starter Steps:

Winter Quarter 2015
Enter the contest to name the journal! You may submit a suggestion here or on paper at the Pathways to Academic Engagement Fair 2015.

Fall Quarter 2015
1. Look for the call for journal submissions in the fall of 2015 and submit your work!

2. Become a member of Editorial Board! To become an editor enroll in BSSKL 400 which will meet in Fall, Winter and Spring quarters of the 2015-2016 academic year. Editors participate in a blind peer review process; review and respond to submissions; make budget decisions; edit articles; and design the Journal.

UWB Speech and Debate Society

UWB Speech and Debate is a comprehensive Speech and Debate program open to everyone on campus! We are dedicated to providing opportunities for students to develop their skills in speech and argumentation  We practice debate in weekly meetings, and also compete regionally and nationally.  Join at any level!  Join the club for the community.  Practice with us.  Even join the team and compete!  Everyone is welcome.  Come to a weekly meeting or contact our Director Denise Vaughan at

Starter Steps:

1.  Contact our Director Denise Vaughan at

2.  Attend one of our weekly meetings.  Meeting times change but information can be found at UWB student life and on posters around campus.