CUSP Presents Newsletter

Issue 28


Welcome To Summer Quarter!

Summer quarter is here and we're ready to rock! For some of you, this is your first quarter here at UW Bothell and we want to help you have a successful first quarter. CUSP is here to serve all first year and pre-major students, so come visit us in UW1-080 where we can aswer any questions you might have.

Important registration and tuition dates

June 24: First day of classes (Full term and A term)
June 30: Last day to add/drop class without $20 fee (FT&A)
July 1: Entry codes needed to add a class (FT & A)
July 12: Tuition due date (Full term, A term, and B term)

See the full academic calendar here

Some other things to remember:

  • Summer quarter is much shorter! Make sure to stay on top of deadlines and coursework.
  • Stay in contact with your academic advisors, they are here to serve you! You can make an appointment online at
  • Feeling stressed? Visit the Reflection Room in UW1 - 380. This room is a quiet space dedicated to meditation, thinking, praying or whatever suits your needs. There are yoga mats, rugs, and light therapy equipment available for student use.
  • Autumn quarter registration is open! Register for your classes before Monday. June 24th before they fill up.

International Students can find helpful resources at the International Student Services ISS website, and can speak with advisors dedicated to making their transition to our university successful.

If you have any questions please email our office at or come visit us in UW1 - 080 Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm

Study Abroad Student Experiences

Winter Quarter AbroadHave you been thinking about studying abroad? Read about CUSP student Maggie Yaddoff’s adventures in Costa Rica.

Summer is a great time to start planning for your study abroad experience. Winter 2014 study abroad programs are now accepting applications and there’s a special opportunity just for CUSP students, to spend Winter Quarter 2014 studying in Thailand!

CUSP Thailand: Globalization and the Societies of Southeast Asia Winter Quarter 2014!

CUSP Thailand: Globalization and the Societies of Southeast Asia is a unique 12-credit study abroad program, based in Bangkok, Thailand, geared at pre-major students. Financial aid and scholarships are available. Learn more from the program website and by attending information sessions on July 1 and July 8. For priority consideration, apply by July 14.

Study abroad advising, including walk-in appointments, is available all summer long in UW1-161.

Source: Natalia Dyba -

Study Abroad: A Critical Introduction Pre-Departure course (2 credits)

Autumn Quarter 2013
Tuesdays 11:00 - 1:00

This course prepares students for the life-altering experience of studying abroad. Designed to address the needs of both seasoned travelers and those who have rarely set foot outside of the country, this course will offer a complex look at the industry of global travel. Here, students will explore the history and power dynamics involved in the tourist industry, and will learn to question their own roles in this industry. We begin with a survey of the history of tourism, and grapple with the controversial topics it encompasses, including issues of colonialism, status and power, race, sex and desire. Wherever it happens, tourism as an industry transforms places and identities. In this seminar, students will consider various approaches to “responsible travel” and reflect on the ways that their own study abroad experience may both mirror and challenge the well-worn image of the “American tourist”.

Source: Dr. Michelle Kleisath -

Congratulations to Scholarship Recipients

We would like to recognize and congratulate UW Bothell recipients of competitive merit scholarships, fellowships and awards.

UW Bothell Recipients of Merit Scholarships
2012-2013 Academic Year


• Emily Christian, Fulbright Award, International Education Administrators Program
Role: Interim Director of Student Services
Project: STEM programs and best practices in career development in Germany and France

• Yekaterina Klepanchuk, 2013-14 Coro Fellow in Public Affairs
Class of 2013, Global Studies
Placement: Pittsburgh, PA

• Aspasea McKenna, 2013 Clinton Global Initiative University
Class of 2013, Business
Project: "Using soccer as a development tool to increase primary education rates, combat poverty and break down gender and inter-ethnic divides"

• Christopher Nelson, Mary Gates Venture Scholarship
Class of 2013, Nursing
Project: "Policy Recommendations for Greenlandic and Danish Nursing"

• Alejandra Perez, Mary Gates Leadership Scholarship
Class of 2016, Society, Ethics, & Human Behavior
Project: "Beyond Dreaming: Scholarship List for Undocumented Students in Washington State"


• Paulette Costanza, Mary Gates Research Scholarship
Class of 2013, Environmental Studies
Project: "Linking People, Highlands, and Climate: Climate change on high-elevation socio-ecological systems in the tropical Andes"

• Ty Edwards, Fulbright Research/Study Grant
Class of 2013, Master of Arts in Cultural Studies
Project: "Support Services for International Student Populations in Higher Education", University of British Columbia, Canada

• Dan Jaffe, Fulbright Scholar
Role: Professor of Atmospheric and Environmental Chemistry in the School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
Placement: Distinguished Chair in Environmental Sciences at the Parthenope, University of Naples, Italy

• Marcus Johnson, Mary Gates Research Scholarship
Class of 2013, Global Studies
Project: "The Multi Dimensions of Blackness: Cultural Hegemony in the US and Abroad"

• Rena Kawasaki, UW Libraries Research Award for Undergraduates
Class of 2013, Community Psychology
Project: "How Language Use Indicates Acculturation and Enculturation Processes of Native Japanese Americans: Examples from the 1946 Issues of Hokubei Hochi"

• Rachel Kearns, NIST Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Class of 2014, Biology
Placement: Physical Measurement Laboratory at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD

• Jessica Manfredi, Leadership Alliance Summer Research - Early Identification Program (SR-EIP)
Class of 2014, Global Studies
Placement: Tufts University, Boston, MA

• Christopher Nelson, Fulbright Research/Study Grant
Class of 2013, Nursing
Project:"Understanding the Expanded Nursing Scope of Practice in Denmark and Greenland", University of the Arctic Consortium, Denmark

• Jenia Ostrovskaya, Mary Gates Research Scholarship
Class of 2014, Biology
Project: "Planarians Do Not Require Light Stimulus for Functional Regeneration of Photoreceptors"

Study Abroad

• Ashley Baker, GO! Scholarship
Class of 2015, Environmental Science
Program: Environmental Studies in the Ecuadorian Mainland and the Galapagos Islands

• Shauniece Drayton, Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship
Class of 2014, Community Psychology
Program: Zambia - Student Centered Health Education and Outreach: A Story of Urban and Rural Community Development

• Meliaokalani Lam, Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship
Class of 2014, Environmental Studies
Program: Peruvian Field Studies: Ecology and Community from the Andes to the Amazon

• Nykole Mitchell, Fritz Scholarship
Class of 2014, Society, Ethics & Human Behavior
Program: Disability in Limited Resource Environments Brazil

• Julia Nelson, Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship
Class of 2014, Global Studies
Program: Uppsala University Exchange, Sweden

• Justin Nygard, CIEE Language Intensive Focus Track (LIFT) Scholarship, Fritz Scholarship
Class of 2014, Global Studies
Study Abroad Program: Intensive Chinese Language and Culture, CIEE Study Center in Nanjing, China

• Sarah Reeves, GO! Scholarship
Class of 2015, Community Psychology, Environmental Studies
Program: SIT Nepal: Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples

• Christinna Rieken, GO! Scholarship
Class of 2014, Community Psychology
Program: Disability in Limited Resource Environments Brazil

• Christopher Wright, GO! Scholarship
Class of 2014, Environmental Science
Program: Environmental Studies in the Ecuadorian Mainland and the Galapagos Islands

• Michael Wright, Boren Scholarship Alternate, Fritz Scholarship
Class of 2014, Law, Economics and Public Policy
Study Abroad Program: The Russian Far East, School of Russian and Asian Studies in Vladivostok, Russia

• Maggie Yaddoff, GO! Scholarship
Class of 2016, CUSP
Program: Natural History of Costa Rica

UWB General Scholarship Winners

Source: Natalia Dyba -